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Silver Rose Bakery

Branded Promotional Treat Box & Bottle Combo - 100 Count

Make a sweet lasting impression with a branded treat box and bottle.    Each 24 ounce bottle is tied to a box and is reusable.  *Sleeve customization conducted after purchase. 

Choose one of the following promotional treat options: 

10 - Cake Pops

12 - Fresh Baked Cookies

4 - Cake Jars

8 - Dipped & Decorated

8 - Custom Seasonal Cookies ( please note longer production time)

8 - Printed Logo Cookies ( please note longer production time)

12 - Cake Pop / Fresh Baked Cookie Combo

Important Note:

Limited in design extent before additional design charges.  One box sleeve size available.  Treat option selected will be applied to all 50 boxes.  Boxes do not need to be requested at once for non-subscriptions.  Use all boxes within a 12 month period.  Please allow 2 weeks for initial printing of the box sleeves.  Please read the Terms of Service before placing your order.  Request boxes to  If you need to order more boxes after all 50 are used, simply re-order this product.

Regarding Treats:

Dipped & Decorated treats include assorted candy melt dipped of rice cereal treats, Oreo cookies, Marshmallow kabobs, and pretzel knots.  Seasonal cookie designs are based on the current or upcoming season or popular holiday.  Design is the choice of bakery artist team.  Logos on cookies may be subject to a slight modification in order to maximize the sizing.  You'll be contacted with the proof for approval in this situation. Fresh baked cookies include chocolate chip, red velvet white chocolate, and snickerdoodle.  Cake jar flavors include seasonal and classic selections.  Cake pops come assorted in flavor.

Promotional Treat Box Subscription:

When a subscription is chosen you'll receive all boxes at one time in intervals based on your recurring period.  If you prefer to have a limited number of boxes delivered at different or random times, then you'll need to choose a single purchase (without subscription, see Important Note).  You may elect to make a minor change to the box sleeve design by contacting with at least 3 weeks notice without additional charges.  You have the ability to cancel or modify the subscription at any time.  Use the link from your initial email to log in and modify your subscription.

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