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    You decide what to try. Pick from our entire menu of cake flavors, frosting flavors, and fruit enhancers. *Tip: If you aren't sure about a flavor, then you should try it anyway. It's what we do!

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  • "The cake tasting service was easy and convenient. There were quite a few flavors and fillings to try. My ordering process has been exceptional."
    - Anissa Q.

  • "I always find an occasion to celebrate my clients by treating them to cake pops after their massage. I always order extra because I know I’ll be eating them too! They are incredibly affordable and literally the best I’ve ever tasted! I, and my clients just love them! Thank you Silver Rose Bakery!"
    - Angie R.

  • "My mother's 70th birthday cake was amazing in every way... gorgeously decorated, scrumptiously delicious (and cruelty-free!), and promptly delivered. I was absolutely delighted! Thanks!"
    - Christy L.

Silver Rose Phoenix Press Appearances

Sweet News!

Thank you to all the press outlets (and amazing customers) who have supported Silver Rose Bakery over the last few years. We appreciate you sharing our story and are so excited to be opening our new location!

Keep tabs on our new Media page to see us in the news. ;)

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Silver Rose is an award-winning wedding cake bakery.

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