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Delicious wedding cakes and dessert tables in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Peoria.

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Discover the sweetest part of your wedding. Cake and mini desserts packages designed with your Journey of Us in mind.

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Dessert Catering

Sweeten up your party with a variety of desserts delivered and set up at the perfect moment.

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Read FAQ's to common questions about our bakery, including tasting, custom cakes, and dietary options

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About Us

Silver Rose Bakery is a dessert catering bakery.  We only bake for celebrations.  This unique approach allows us to focus on delivery and presentation.  We specialize in wedding cakes and dessert, and we love baking for birthdays, baby showers, and corporate events.  


Our most popular package is cake and mini cupcakes.  We are also recognized for our tasty cheesecake bites, chocolate mousse, and cake pops.  Want to see our menu?  You can check it out on our inspiration menu page. 



"To truly provide a Sweet experience so those celebrating leave with cheerful memories and a lasting smile."

Priscilla and Michael Sweet, Founders/Owners

For you...

Your desserts will be stunning in design, a variety of options, and exquisite in flavor.

This is the reason you’ve chosen to visit us. It is the reason we are committed to sweet experiences.

For others...

Charity is more than a word for us.  We truly believe we can make a difference in the lives of others.  To give a child a chance at a life full of happiness and achievement.

Your order includes a donation to this wonderful organization: 

Child Crisis Arizona

For those who keep us safe...

We have a huge appreciation for those individuals who keep us safe.  We want to thank our troops, our police/sheriff, fire personnel, and medical personnel.  How do you serve us?  We want to offer you a discount to express our gratitude.

For us...

Because bringing a sweet experience to you makes us the happiest bakers in Arizona. 

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