Coming Soon!
Walk-in and order pickup-up location coming to North Phoenix.  
2814 West Bell Road, Suite 1451, Phoenix, Arizona 85053
Call/Text to 623-499-2222
Store Hours coming soon.

 Phoenix Bakery Location - Silver Rose Bakery opening October 2023


Your new location is coming soon but can I order now?  

Yes, we are currently doing delivery only for advanced orders.  Please enjoy browsing our page and order online or give us a call.

Will your new location be different than your current ordering process?

It will be mostly the same.  We pride ourselves in making cakes and desserts for each order as opposed to stocked shelves.  We will have some "grab and go" treats for purchase, so don't worry you'll be able to satisfy that cake pop craving!

If I order now, for a future date when the bakery location is open, can I switch from delivery to pick up?

Yes, however, the only refund available for the cost of delivery is a credit towards a future bakery purchase.  We recommend you place a Hold The Date on orders and finalize the details once the bakery location is open.

Will you be offering different items in store from what is on the website?

Possibly, though we do try to make all items available for online order.  However, if we are testing a product locally, we may not have it available for online ordering.  Ex:  *Spoiler alert* - Once the new bakery location is open, we'll be testing several "clean keto" products.  

Will I be able to pick up my wedding cake rather than have it delivered?

This depends on the several factors and not limited to wedding cakes.  Primarily, it's the tier size.  For example:  A two-tier can be picked up and we are confident the cake will be safe for short travel.  However, three-tier cake requires assembly on site by our professional team.

Can someone pick up an order on my behalf once the bakery is open?

They will need verification of the order to do so.  We do not check ID's and only use the order form to reference and match the order details to the order.  

Will the new location be open to public starting on a particular date? 

We are aiming for a date in October to announce when we are open to the public.  We are just waiting on a few details from our general contractor.

What will you be offering at the new location that is ready to buy?  

We'll be offering smaller treat bags of popular items as well as individual sweets in our refrigeration display.  Correct, we literally left out what items those are.  We want you to visit and see!

Will your custom order turn around time increase?

Possibly, and we'll leave it at that.  In truth, it's hard to say because each order is different. 

What if I need a small cake to buy as a gift?

For the boyfriends out there.  We hear you.  We got you covered.

Will you be open to LGBTQ or a particular religion?

We do discriminate or associate our political views in the bakery, with one exception.  Rude people.  Just don't be rude, else you're buying the cake pop for the little kid waiting in line behind you.

Will your bakery menu change from what is currently offered?

Not really.  Like most businesses, we do assess products "return on investment" over time.  That is, if the sales are positive for product A, then we keep product A.  If product B once was selling a lot but now isn't at all, then we'll discontinue it.  

What will make this location better than another bakery?

We don't consider other bakeries in our pursuits.  We follow our own path and produce what we love.  Because this is the first location with a retail and consultation space it means we'll be making a lot of new discoveries in how to improve our services.

Will your hours change?

Not right away.  We are keeping strict hours to start and will make modifications to those over time, if necessary.

Are you having a grand opening or offering opening deals?

Excellent question.  No clue, yet!  You'll have to follow us on your favorite social platform.

Can we expect to meet Priscilla and Michael Sweet?

Yes, both will be at the bakery daily with some exceptions.

Will you be hiring for this new location?

Yes, please inquire below or visit our jobs page.  Note; we don't share job opportunities in social platform besides via our business page.

Got other questions?  Submit them in the form below or give us a call!

Want to send us something in the mail?

Send to: Silver Rose Bakery, PO Box 42371, Phoenix, AZ, USA 85080