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Your wedding is the most important foundation of your relationship.  It's the bonding between you and special other half.  It is the ultimate expression of your love.  Therefore, your wedding needs to be complete with a sweet experience. 

Weddings by Silver Rose Bakery

Our style

We want to make a lasting impression on your guests.  There is a stigma that cake is boring, dry, pointless.  We disagree.  We believe cake is sweet, delicious, moist, and very personal.  It is your expression of the "Journey of Us".  It is what you remember through memory from the cheer it brought your when cutting into it to the lasting smile you got after your first bite.  It is beautiful.

Other designs

We have made many different cake designs for weddings and you are not limited to those available for online ordering.  The designs available for online ordering are popular designs that we are most familiar with.  However, you may have something else in mind.  

If you so, send us an inquiry and ask about a unique wedding cake design. We'll use any inspiration pictures you have or create something truly original.


What we are known for

A moist wedding cake.  We know how important it is to have a cake with the perfect balance of light frosting and moist cake.  You want your guests to enjoy the sweetest part of your wedding.  To share a delicious memory.  
We are best known for our rustic wedding cakes and dessert tables?  Our most popular cake designs are the beautiful birchwood, the semi-naked, and the cottage elegance of the scrape design. 
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Ready to order your cake? Check out our online collection of wedding cake designs.  Choose the design and the flavors. 

Venues and Planners

We are so proud to be working with these wonderful venues and wedding planners.



Wedding Cakes

Whether you have inspiration pictures for the cake or you prefer to order from our available designs, you'll receive a cake that magnifies your "Journey of Us".  With your wedding cake package, you can choose flavors for each of your cakes.  We will stack, prep and place flowers and elements, and ensure the cake table is ready for making memories.

Couple's Cake & Mini Desserts

A new trend has emerged.  Many couples just want a small cake to cut and have other desserts for their guests.  We love this idea and so created the Couple's Cake & Mini Desserts Package.  You choose the flavor of the cutting cake and select desserts from our menu.  Don't settle for just cake.  Add some social desserts to keep folks mingling and enjoying the reception.

Dessert Tables

Already have a wedding cake?  Perhaps, you just want desserts for your wedding.  We can bake it!  Our Dessert Table Package is based on ensuring each guest can choose from a variety of desserts and each dessert is small enough to enjoy in a few bites.  Contact us 

Add a Presentation Package to show off all the delicious desserts!

Other wonderful vendors

Still looking for other vendors?  Here are some we've enjoyed working.


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AZ Wed Pics

Jim & Christy Photography

Weddings by Schyler

Sariah Harvey Photography

Redd Legend Media

Event Insurance

Genrose Insurance


COVID-19 has beat up the wedding industry in Arizona.  Many couples who had previously had a wedding scheduled for spring 2020 through 2021 have found their wedding cancelled or have been forced to reschedule.  We want to let our couple's know that we understand and want to help.  This can be a simple as rescheduling your date or as complex as having to modify your order.  Let's have a chat and find the best solution for you.