Refunds, Returns, and Terms of Service

Returns and Refunds


Unfortunately, we can’t offer you a return or exchange on the baked goods.

Refunds are eligible within two hours after ordering.  After that time there are ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS.


Our bakery understands that COVID-19 has affect events already scheduled and in particular have upcoming orders.  

Our bakery is offering one of two options:  Option 1:  Have a rescheduled date given to our bakery at least 5 days prior to your order delivery date.  No added charge will be associated for this reschedule.  This is a one-time reschedule at no cost and cannot be turned into credit after the reschedule date.  Option 2:  Request a credit for the amount of the order.  This credit can be used toward online purchases and is good for 12 months.

Order Credits 

Our bakery is happy apply a credit for the full amount of your order when a refund request is made in advance (no credit is available for 24 hours prior, same day, or after the delivery date).  

he payor/buyer will have a credit notation created and held by the bakery.  It is the responsibility of the payor/buyer to contact the bakery prior to future purchases in order to apply the credit. 

This credit is eligible for single use or broken up into multiple orders with the total equal to the credit. 

Credit is only available for advanced orders beyond 48 hours of the purchase date.  However, there are unforeseen circumstances out of our Bakery's and your (the customer's) control by which could lead to a refund. 

Please contact our bakery to discuss if you are eligible.

Refund requests must be made by the payor/buyer through email. No other contact form will be accepted. 

Threatening messages can/will be deemed as harassment and can/will be subject to legal action. 

Chargebacks in an effort to get money back without prior contact with the bakery will be challenged and you may lose your money and not receive the order. 

We recommend purchasing event insurance in case of an emergency.  We also recommend purchasing event insurance to protect your event from unexpected circumstances. 

False/Negative Remarks

Refunds are not available on the day of delivery nor after delivery. 

However, in the unlikely event that should a refund be given, the payor/buyer and all parties associated with the payor/buyer agree not to express false and/or reputation diminishing opinion about the bakery. 

This includes slander and harassment. 

This also includes but is not limited to; social media posts, review sources, online directories, mentions to family, friends, acquaintances. 

Should such content become known to Silver Rose Bakery, the bakery will pursue legal action immediately.

Cancel Order

Silver Rose Bakery strongly recommends, that if you simply need to reschedule your order, to do so (typically at no added cost) before canceling your order.

Late or missing reimbursement

If you haven’t received a reimbursement, first check your bank account again. 
Then contact your credit card company, it may take some time before your refund is officially posted. 

Next, contact your bank. There is often some processing time before a reimbursement is posted. 

If you’ve done all of this and you still have not received your reimbursement, please contact us at 

Unfortunately, we can’t offer you a return or exchange on the baked goods.

Returns for Gifts
Unfortunately, we can’t offer you a return or exchange on the baked goods.  This includes orders that are gifts.

Terms of Service

By purchasing you agree to the terms stated here. 

By purchasing you are confirming the accuracy of the order as shown in the product lines and descriptions. 

You agree to the prices quoted in the invoice/shopping cart.

You agree to contact Silver Rose Bakery prior to processing the order should any details be inaccurate.  This includes making online edits to your shopping cart. 

If you require further details, then it is important to contact Silver Rose Bakery and request clarifications be placed into the invoice/shopping cart prior to processing payment. 

You agree that all sales are final.

You agree that, should an item have a future alteration or be finalized at a later date, that it is your responsibility to contact Silver Rose Bakery immediately upon obtaining the update and prior to the delivery date. 

You agree modifications to the order may increase your final balance or require additional charges to be paid prior to delivery.

You agree a deposit (including a Hold the Date deposit) is not the final balance and only a portion of the final balance.  You agree that a deposit is non-refundable.

You agree to pay the final balance no later than 5 days before the delivery date.

If accepted by Silver Rose Bakery, payments within 5 days of delivery may be acceptable but with the exception of the date of delivery which is never acceptable.

You agree that transportation of food (after initial delivery by Silver Rose Bakery) by individuals other than Silver Rose Bakery (whether this be within the same delivery address or to an alternate address) is at your own risk.   In addition, this includes items picked up within Silver Rose Bakery or curbside.

You agree that Silver Rose Bakery will be held harmless and is not responsible for mishandling made by any delivery courier.  Silver Rose Bakery is utilizes its own team members and 3rd party services through  The services are considered appropriate for handling delivery.  The bakery advices to use only these services.

Refunds are only available up to 2 hours after purchase. Not available for reimbursement on the day of delivery or after delivery.

Baked goods (food) delivered is made for and considered fresh for the date of the delivery. All food is considered out of date, past safe consumption date, or after the expiration date on the date after delivery (consume at your own risk). 

If you have any questions, please call

Silver Rose Bakery

623-499-2222 or email

Shipping and Delivery Policy

Delivery location and point of contact must be provided before the delivery date.  Information on hand will be used regardless of accuracy. If you feel the address, point of contact, or other delivery information is inaccurate, then it is important you contact Silver Rose Bakery immediately with the correct information. You agree to tell where the food will be placed by the Silver Rose Bakery team before the delivery date, and that should this change then to tell the bakery. If food is moved from this location after delivery it is assumed to be your responsibility.  You agree to follow any instructions given to you from Silver Rose Bakery regarding handling of food, including but not limited to; placement, display, refrigeration, modification, transportation, and consumption.

If you have any questions, please call

Silver Rose Bakery

623-499-2222 or email