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About Michael Sweet

The last name

Sweet is his legal last name given to him by his parents.  Yup, we all thought the bakery came first. Ha ha.

History in the industry

Michael began baking in 2016 helping Priscilla with her side gig (what would become Silver Rose Bakery).  In 2017 he got a firehose lesson in baking to kick off the start of a full-time career.  Michael has since streamlined all recipes for taste and repetitiveness.  He continues to explore new flavors and product ideas...
Today, Michael & Priscilla are leading the company towards growth.  Michael brings the entrepreneurial spirit of initiation, sales, marketing, and research.  This enables Priscilla's skills in operation management, inventory control, administration, and of course cake decorating.

Professional memberships & accolades

Michael is a Member of Business Networking International and the Executive Association of Greater Phoenix.
He holds a Bachelors degree from Arizona State University. 

Personal interests

Michael manages two fun social groups.  One for chicken wings and the other for cigars.  He is also interested in baseball, hiking, fantasy, entrepreneurship, philosophy, cats..  He is married to Priscilla Sweet and they have 7 cats and 1 dog. 
In the coming year you can find Michael online YouTube, TikTok under CapitalistInk and Twitter @IAmMichaelSweet where he explores the C's (Capitalism, Cash, Cakes, Cookies, Cigars, and Cats)

Introduce Michael to..


Business to Business:  Owner or Marketing Executive of a medium or large trades, healthcare group, automotive, event services, or mortgage company.
Corporate catering:  A corporate event planner, executive assistant or company culture lead (HR head) of a medium to large company with a headquarters in Maricopa County.  
Bakery Owner:  A bakery owner interested in rebranding as Silver Rose Bakery and have us handle the high level administrative, operative, and marketing efforts.  Or, would like to sell their bakery to Silver Rose Bakery with understanding of a rebrand.
Weddings:  Venue (events establishment) operators seeking a bakery to include in an all-inclusive package.  All-inclusive means their client pays for all services (including cake/desserts) in a single package provided by the venue.  
  Engaged Couples: who are seeking a traditional wedding cake or prefer a small cake to cut along with mini desserts.

Production & Sales & Employees & Independent Bakers

  • Those interested in being part-time to full-time employment with/out experience in a bakery.  Must have their own transportation.  
  • Bakery owners looking to retire or sell their operation or have already closed down and need a buyer.
  • Cottage Bakers or those interested in baking-from-home and wanting to earn extra cash or earn a living as a Silver Rose Bakery Independent Baker.

Best referral partners

Folks interested in cigars and want to meet up
Business owners using Silver Rose Bakery edible promotional boxes/treats
Venue operators
Executive administrators


2023-2024 Goals

Build a new facility in North Phoenix

Build/take over an existing facility in the East Valley

Reach 100 new branded box on going contracts

Control an additional 5 prominent all-inclusive venues

Develop two new online order solutions one for wedding cakes and one for edible promotional items.

Continue pursuing our 10 Year Goals: become the David's Bridal of wedding cakes and be the national source for edible image treats.

Favorite products for B2B & B2C

logo edible image cookies by silver rose bakeryJust-time Moving - branded treat box by Silver Rose Bakery
Branded Treat Boxes
Large Logo Cookie
8 Count Small Logo Cookies
Branded Cake Pops

For engaged couples

Flower Garden wedding cake design by silver rose bakeryDeckle Edge Design Wedding Cake by silver rose bakery order online

Wedding Cakes

Dessert Packages

Favorite products for celebrations

best cake pops are by silver rose bakery
Cake Pops
Frosted Sugar Cookies
Cake Jars
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*Please no sales calls for products/service without prior request directly from Michael Sweet