Attention Wedding Planners and Venues! Here’s Why Silver Rose Bakery Should be Your Preferred Wedding Cake Bakery

Attention Wedding Planners and Venues! Here’s Why Silver Rose Bakery Should be Your Preferred Wedding Cake Bakery

Are you a wedding planner or venue owner or coordinator in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or surrounding area? Do you love cake? Dumb question, everyone loves cake. New question, do you love making your couples happy by providing them with the best of the best local vendors that you know, like, and trust? We’re here to help make that easier for you.


In 2021, over 22,000 couples got married in the Phoenix metropolitan area. With over one hundred amazing venues to choose from, we want to give couples one more reason to make your venue THE venue for their big day. Don’t worry, wedding planners, we haven’t forgotten about you either. We’ve been in the industry for almost a decade now. We know how hard you work for your couples. Here are a few reasons we believe we’re the best wedding cake bakery in Phoenix and why you should choose us as your exclusive partner:


Our Wedding Cake Taste, Design Trends, and Menu Options


Our Cakes Taste Amazing!

If you’ve read any of our other blogs, you’ve probably noticed that we really love what we do, not only because we love running a small business, being a part of special celebrations, and baking…we also really love cake! That’s why having cakes that genuinely taste good is so important to us. Being in the wedding industry, I’m sure it’s not a surprise to you that wedding cakes sometimes get a bad rep. They can have a stereotype of being dry and nasty. That’s absolutely not us. Other than “delicious”, our cakes have been described with words like – soft, moist, and melt-in-your-mouth. We have a list of delicious flavors to choose from and can create any flavor combination your couple wants. We base our cake recipe on an old family recipe from Priscilla’s family that hasn’t failed us yet.


Don’t take our word for it…

“My wedding cake was exactly as the picture I sent them and it was VERY tasty (honestly, the best wedding cake I have ever had) both flavors I picked were awesome and everyone loved the cake!” – Rand H.



“Absolutely amazing! The cake was exactly as I dreamed and tasted even better! They were a delight to work with! They did regular cake, gluten-free cake and vegan desserts! Totally encompassing!” – Caitlin K.


We Don’t Just Keep Up with Wedding Cake Design Trends…We Set Them!

Keeping up with design trends is important in any industry, but it’s the trendsetters who really shake things up. We can do both. We’ll always love the classic white wedding look. If you’re like us though, your eyes light up and wheels start spinning when you hear the words, “I want to break tradition and do something different.” We’re here to tell you that we’ve got that covered. We’ve incorporated different colors, shapes, toppers, and florals into our wedding cakes. We even had a wedding cake with Deadpool hiding conspicuously on the bottom. We can’t say we’ve done it all though, because we come up with new ideas all the time and are ready to share them with you!

wedding cake trends 2023


We Have SO Many Menu Options!

We’re just going to say it, your clients need more than white and chocolate cake from which to choose. They need more than four or five options. We understand that it takes time to perfect several flavors. Well, we’ve taken the time. We offer over 30 wedding cake flavors! You can print off a full list here. As a bonus, we don’t charge extra to mix and match different flavors with stacked cakes. This is a great option for large weddings and tiered cakes with a lot of picky guests to satisfy. Fair warning though, make sure to order a cake tasting kit! Flavors like PB&J may sound like they’re just for the kids, but we promise all of your guests will love them! We had a couple once who thought the smaller tier would work for PB&J, despite our protests. Spoiler alert! It was the most requested flavor at the wedding! 


An alternative option that’s been popular lately is for couples to have their own small cutting cake rather than the traditional stacked cake. Then, for their guests, they go with a dessert table that includes dessert bites. Some of these are cake-based, while others may be trendy, unique, fun, and/or elegant. We have a large dessert catering menu from which to choose that includes way more than cakes and cupcakes.


What About Food Safety Certifications, Delivery, and Service?

We love that things like social media and online networking groups have made it so easy to become a professional baker these days. It’s part of our story and we are proud to be a part of a community of so many talented cake decorators and bakeries. With what seems like everyone’s best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend becoming a baker though, how do you shuffle through all the names to find the best? First, start with the ones who quote Ferris Bueller. Just kidding, sort of.


Seriously though, here are a few of our recommendations for finding the best wedding cake bakery:


  • Full-time bakery
  • Larger than a team of one
  • Is fully insured
  • Has required permits to operate a food service business
  • Has a facility outside of their residence (if possible)


We Offer Dietary Restrictions

This one is becoming more and more normal, which we’re so happy about! We probably could have included this in one of the other sections, but we’re especially proud of how great our recipes are with dietary restrictions. We offer cakes with options for Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, and Soy-free.


Again, we don’t want you to take our word for it –


“My wedding cake looked so beautiful, and tasted so good! Guests at the wedding reception were RAVING! I had no idea that a gluten & dairy free cake could taste so amazing:) It is hard to find places that can accommodate dietary restrictions, and this place did such a wonderful job. I'm so grateful to have been able to eat some wedding cake on my wedding day!”  - Kaitlyn B.


“Seriously I am so impressed it's not even funny!!!! I am gluten and dairy free so my life is a little hard when it comes to desserts. I was not expecting my wedding cake to taste so delicious. None of my guests even knew that it was gluten-free dairy-free until we told them they were all blown away. I ordered a vanilla with strawberry filling for my bottom layer and chocolate with raspberry filling for the top. They absolutely nailed that design I was going for and the flavors were just amazing I will definitely be ordering from them again!!!” - Ashley L.



Wedding Cake Delivery

Another aspect to consider is delivery. If your couple’s cake doesn’t make it to the wedding on time, that’s a less-than-desired experience. We know that as a wedding planner or venue, you certainly do not have time to pick up a cake. We’ll take care of the delivery and set it up for you. While we do use a service to deliver some of our celebration cakes for things like birthdays and showers, a member of our wedding team will personally deliver your couple’s wedding cake and expertly set it up. We deliver to all of the state of Arizona and we’re pros at transporting wedding cakes.

wedding cake bakery delivery and set up Phoenix

Wedding Cake Setup

Delivery is more than just dropping off the cake in some boxes for us. We fully assemble the cake, just as you and/or your couple pictured it when we designed it. We prep, stack the cake, and place the flowers, the topper, and set up any décor on the cake table. We expertly craft the dessert table for efficient flow during the reception. Then, we make ourselves scarce so that the couple and guests can enjoy themselves. A job well done for us is when a cake and dessert table magically appears without you or your couple having to worry about it at all on the day of.


Programs, Perks, and Partners

Since the whole point of this blog is to convince wedding planners and wedding venues that Silver Rose is the best wedding cake bakery to partner with as your preferred vendor, other than satisfied customers, beautiful, and delicious cake – what’s in it for you? I’ll tell you!


We believe in businesses helping businesses and the power of networking. It’s a major part of what got us this far in our success. We believe that the rising tide lifts all boats. We offer flexible programs based on the type of relationship we have with you. Our goal is to communicate, build, and improve that relationship. Each program clearly outlines information on how we operate in the relationship, how we work with your clients, what you should expect from us and us from you before/day of/after delivery, payment terms, terms of service for you, the client, and more.


Each program includes a particular level of perks. Some examples of these perks, included at no added cost to your client, are things like free delivery, a free first-anniversary cake, and a free acrylic cake topper.

wedding cake acrylic topper Phoenix, AZ

As your referral partner, we also love to shout out your name and hope you do the same. We’ll offer you a backlink on our high authority, page 1 ranking website, tag you on social media, and recommend you to our clients who are still seeking a venue or wedding planner. We are also a valuable source for meeting other highly qualified vendors in the event space. We’ve built a great network of DJs, florists, caterers, event rentals, and more.  Learn more...


Become a Silver Rose Bakery Preferred Wedding Venue or Wedding Planner

As wedding event industry professionals, you know as well as we do that our jobs are always easier when we are at our best and working with the best. We would love to work with you! If you are interested in becoming a preferred venue or wedding planner partner with us, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out today. Mention this blog in your email and we may even send you a surprise treat.