For Our Partners

 Partnering with Silver Rose Bakery

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Silver Rose Bakery! 

Summary of Packages

Are you a venue/vendor manager seeking a bakery vendor?  We've made it easy to understand our pricing, products, and services.  The tiers below are the offerings you can choose to include in your package.  These prices are exclusively offered to customers within a venue/vendor package that has partnered with our bakery.  

All packages can be implemented within your venue/vendor package as; based on guest count, a credit based dollar amount, a tier choice based on guest count, or an included tier with an option to upgrade.

For weddings, all tier packages below include a complimentary anniversary cake.

Prices below can be negotiable based on volume.

Tier 1 Package $5.50 per guest 

Includes a complimentary cake tasting with up to 4 cake flavors.  A cutting cake (6" inch round) with the flavor of choice, and choice of cake parfait flavors.

Tier 2 Package $6.50 per guest

Our Most Popular Package.  Includes a complimentary cake tasting with up to 4 cake flavors and 2 pastries or treats.  The option of a cutting cake with preselected cake pops, fresh baked cookies, and brownies, or a tiered cake to feed the full guest count.

Tier 3 Package $7.50 per guest

Includes a complimentary cake tasting with up to 6 cake flavors and 3 pastries .  The option of a cutting cake with a choice of cake parfaits and/or pastries and treats from our full menu, or a smaller tiered cake and desserts, or a tiered cake to feed the full guest count.

Additional Cake/Dessert

Additional cake is priced based on what the cake addition will feed and not guest addition.  It is up to the customer to approve this before adding.  Cake parfaits are sold in sets of 24 and are not limited to the variety per set of 24.  Pastries and treats are priced between $2.75 and $3.50 per item.

Premium/Dietary Cake/Dessert

Our bakery has a premium cake and dessert menu upon request.

Dietary restrictions offered include; Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Egg-free, and Soy-reduced.  The options are limited to cake and/or cake parfaits and the cost is assessed at $2 per guest above the package price total.

Tax and Delivery Service

Tax is assessed on services which the customer shall pay the bakery directly.  Tax is also assessed, even though passed through the venue/vendor, when a Tax Form 5000 has not been completed.

Delivery is available for all orders.  Packages of 75+ guests will receive complimentary delivery service up to 20 miles with a $2/mile charge beyond.  Guest counts below 75 will be assessed delivery at $2/mile from the bakery to the final delivery destination.

Delivery includes onsite cake stacking and dessert placement.

Deposit and Payment

A $100 deposit is required to secure a date for any package that may or may not include our bakery.  The only exception is the Complete All-Inclusive type package wherein our bakery is nearly guaranteed the order if the customer books with you.

Deeper Dive

Want to know a lot more about us, our products, and services.  Below we'll go deep into the nitty-gritty, starting with what sets us apart.

What sets us apart

Why? "To truly provide a sweet experience so those celebrating leave with cheerful memories and lasting smiles."
We are a premier brick and mortar bakery because we achieve these five points:
1. Detailed communication: Our thorough communication skills means information isn't missing, valid questions are asked, honest answers are given, and someone is always available.
2. Outstanding customer service: Our smiles are legitimate and we are here to help. Our aim is to ensure the satisfaction of the order and how we conduct ourselves with customers and partners.
3. Consistent experience: Our process, our products, our team are built around the Silver Rose Bakery System. This system ensures that our partners and customers experience the same excellent product/service for every event. This system also allows us to make important modifications that mutually benefit our partner relationship and the perfection of each customer order.
4. Powerful network: Our bakery holds a card catalog worth of relationships through the broad event and non-event connections we maintain. Each team member is trained on how to refer the best in just about any category, as well as contact information, locations, specialty services, etc.
5. Solutions based: Our bakery aims to offer solutions. Solutions for uncertainty about which bakery products to order. Solutions for changes to an event. Solutions for issues before or on the day of the event. Solutions should we have errored. Solutions not related to the bakery but for which we can offer assistance.
best cake pops baked fresh in Phoenix.

A brief history of our bakery

Our bakery had its initial flicker of light in 2015 with small two layer pillow shape wedding cake.  Priscilla, back then working in retail, was approached by a customer at her work about a side job to make their wedding cake.  She sprang at the opportunity and geared up Michael to deliver the cake a few hours before the ceremony on a day she had to work.  It was a success and though technically the first wedding cake it wasn't officially Silver Rose Bakery.
Fast forward two years.  Michael and Priscilla are now married and Silver Rose Bakery is officially an established name, but with no customers. One friend recommendation on Nextdoor paved the way.  The first wedding of Silver Rose Bakery would happen in April of 2017.  A nearly 3 foot tall Italian cookie tower, mini cupcakes, and individually customized Disney themed cake pops.  When you ask them, it was the stress, the effort, the focus, the thrill, and finally the accomplishment that gave them permission to move full-time as cottage bakers.
Silver Rose Bakery would go on to establish its brand and build relationships across the event industry.  Priscilla and Michael both wanted to focus primarily on wedding cakes and dessert catering finding these to give just the right challenge for each of them.  On the wedding cake side they constructed several 7+ tier cakes and on the dessert side, they fed over 3,000 people on a single Saturday.  
Swing over to today.  Silver Rose Bakery, having moved into its own brick and mortar, continues its mission to provide superior wedding cakes and dessert catering, but has also expanded into edible image promotional treats and ready made or made to order cake pops and pastries.
The future?  Uncertain, but we can tell you that having another location or three around the valley wouldn't be a bad idea...

Meet the owners

Priscilla and Michael Sweet.  Yes, their last name is real and only Priscilla changed her name (marriage will do that). 
Priscilla, as head cake decorator and owner, is the head of operations at the bakery.  Her background is nearly 20 years in retail management having had run several successful retail stores around the valley.  You could say her passion really is cake decorating as she is always looking up ideas and trying new things, even after hours.  
Michael is the yin or maybe the yang to priscilla.  Perhaps, not in the sense of the symbol but in how opposites attract.  He is simply put a 'visionary'.  Always, 10 years ahead in outlook but with a keen eye for opportunities that come up on a daily basis.  His product visionary and marketing strengths are where he succeeds the most and is therefore the head of new product/service development and marketing/sales.
At the bakery, Priscilla is managing the team while also handling custom cakes and treats.  Michael assist the baking and pastry production while building relationships with venues, vendors, customers, and more.

Extended team

Priscilla and Michael are true believers in letting the pros do it for them and allowing staff to grow their talents.  That is why they hired on specialists in many non-baking capacities and allow their staff to take on several roles across the bakery.  It's about aiming for strengths, and contrary to popular belief, they encourage egos.  An ego is a team member's sense self and if you can allow it fly based on the role given, that person will accomplish great things!

Our products and services

We don't do it all but we do quite a bit very well.  Let's start with what we don't do.  We don't do breads, donuts, churros, muffins, danishes, or macarons. 
We do excel at specialty cakes, dessert pops, cake parfaits, fresh baked treats, and pastries.  We don't offer a coffee bar set up or offer savory entries, and our location is pretty light as far as seating goes.  
Our entire focus is cakes and dessert production!
You can visit our general menu here but we'll cover it briefly below.
We offer on the cake side; 3 layer cakes ranging in sizes from 4 inches to 18 inches around for advance order.  We specialize, not only in baking and decorating, but also transportation and stacking cakes. 
On the dessert side, these include: fresh baked cookies and brownies, a massive selection of cake pops and dessert pops, and small pastries, like cannoli, cheesecake, tarts, and cream puffs.

Working with Silver Rose Bakery

We want the experience of working together to be seamless.  That means there is no question we are putting in 100% on our end.  
When beginning to work with us, we may have some requests and questions for you.  This may include:
Do you require a Certificate of Insurance with your name/address listed?
Will you be passing tax along to the customer and require a Form 5000?
Will we be both your cake and dessert vendor?
Who will be the contact for you? email/phone number?
We've included a link to a questionnaire that will help us gather what you need and give us the information we need. 
Here is the link:  Inquire with us.

Partnering with Silver Rose Bakery

Let's finally move on to the ways you may like to work with us.  Perhaps we need to modify the process a tad here or there.  We'll be happy to do so.

Cake Designs: 
We offer buttercream frosted cake designs at no additional design charge.  These designs are: Smooth Frosted, Semi-Naked, Full-Naked, Textured, Facet, Simple Scroll, Deckle Edge, Rosette, Birchwood, and Watercolor.
The number of tiers available to the customer is based on the guest count within the package. Our bakery is happy to offer synthetic florals, placed in asymmetric bunches, at no additional charge or utilize the flowers provided by either a professional event florist or the customer.
Additional costs to the customer will come from additional synthetic florals, bakery provided real florals, design enhancements, alternative cake designs, dietary modifications, premium flavors, custom flavors, and added/increase size of tiers.
It is possible to do a smaller cake and offer sheet cakes. However, this does not adjust the price but rather the experience.
Wedding Cake Gallery

Revolutionary Changes!

The Wedding Cake Customizer is coming soon!  Engaged couples will be able to create their wedding cake design right from our website, get details on their order, and share those details with you and other vendors.
Desserts Catering Packages: Dessert catering packages available on our website are also included at no added cost. Depending on the chosen package, some desserts may come individually wrapped.
Our bakery is proficient in many types of desserts as well as discovering new ones. However, we prefer to stick to our niche collection of cake parfaits, desserts pops, fresh baked items, and small pastries.
For additional cost, your customer can add a dessert not available on our website or additional desserts above their included package.
Cutting Cake: We are happy to offer a combination table that includes a cutting cake along with a dessert catering package. This became popular several years ago and is the most popular option for guest counts of 50 or more.
Custom Cakes & Desserts: Our team of bakers, pastry producers, and cake designers are available to create custom cake designs and unique desserts beyond just weddings.  
Sales Tax: Sales tax is added to most orders. However, if this is an all-inclusive package, we may be able to leave off sales tax using a tax Form 5000.
Delivery: Cost of delivery is adjusted based on mileage in the pricing for all-inclusive venue packages under 75 guests. For all-inclusive venue packages of 75 and more guests, we include delivery at no added cost for up to 20 miles. Additional mileage is assessed at $2 per mile to the delivery location.  If your needed delivery to northern or southern Arizona, please inquire for a more accurate delivery price.
Rough terrane, secondary delivery or pick-up from the venue, and limited navigation may be cause additional charges.
Placement: Placement of the cake and/or desserts is available at no added cost. In most instances, our bakery team will stack tiered cakes on-site and will handle the floral arrangement and cake topper placements. Our bakery is not responsible for seeking out the flowers, cake topper, or other elements when on-site. It is the responsibility of the venue, coordinator, or customer to have these elements on or next to the cake/desserts table(s) with a note denoting use for cake or desserts.
Desserts can be handled by our bakery staff upon delivery or may be placed by the venue, caterer, or support team later in the reception.  The bakery delivery team will not linger for any extended unproductive period nor return to the venue to place desserts without the customer having purchased the additional time. 
Rough terrane, weather accommodations, and other situational modifications may require additional charges.
Dietary Requests: Dietary accommodations are offered at an additional cost start at $8 per guest. Cake accommodations available: Gluten-free, Egg-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free and a combination of these. Not all cake flavors are included in the accommodations and price adjustments will be applied to an invoice. Please note, our bakery is not certified for any dietary restriction. Venues or vendors that include our bakery should explain the cost adjustments to their customers. At present our bakery only offers cake parfaits as a dessert option for dietary restrictions.

Perks of working with us

The following are perks offered for your all-inclusive wedding packages that include our bakery.
All guest counts can receive a free cake tasting when they visit our bakery. The customer does need proof of a venue/vendor contract or your communication with us of their information.
Our full menu is available to the customers to create their event cake and desserts.

Pricing for Cake/Desserts

Per guest price is starting at $7.50 for non-all inclusive customers* **
Price discounts/breaks available to venues/vendors that include our bakery in their event packages starts at $6.50 per guest.
Price per guest is for a buttercream frosted single/tiered cake and/or non-premium desserts.
Serving per guest: 1 cake slice or 1.5/2 small desserts
Price adjustments occur when the customer chooses premium services (fondant, fresh flowers from the bakery, specialty elements, specialty desserts, gluten fee, dairy free, egg free dietary modifications, additional cake/desserts).
*Delivery may not be included and sales tax may be assumed.
**Per guest pricing is subject to change at anytime for any reason. You will be notified of the change along with date of effectiveness.  In most cases, customers already booked with our bakery will not incur a price modification.

Services not included

We do not include fresh florals, we do not include a cutting set, and we do not include disposable flatware. These can be purchased at additional cost.
We assume the venue, planner, caterer or other event service provider handles all cake cutting, but if ever needed we do offer this option for $500 and is best for 75+ guest counts. This service incudes; staff to cut the cake, serve the cake, manage a dessert table, provide disposable flatware, and offer take home boxes (3 hour limit). 
Our bakery staff will not handle or manage other bakery or home-made cake/desserts. This is a food safety concern.
Our delivery teams are instructed to accept limited assistance in their delivery.  
Unfortunately, our team is unable to lend additional assistance on-site for other vendors or the venues as in most cases the team is process of delivering several orders.

Add-on Options

Silver Rose Bakery is proud to work with several cake/dessert stand rental companies. Couples can choose to rent these items for their event or can be offered as an add-on of your package.  
Edible party favors, such as; decorated sugar cookies, edible print sugar cookies/brownies, labeled cake jars, cake pops, or fresh baked cookies.
Details can be provided upon request.


We require payment in full no later than the reception (delivery) day with notation of when to expect payment. Advance payment in-full before the delivery date is appreciated but not necessary. Complete All-Inclusive Packages can assume the date is held without additional cost, otherwise a $150 non-refundable deposit is required to secure the date. 
Our bakery creates invoices for all orders with an exact breakdown of services being provided to the customer.  If venue/vendor did not receive a copy, one can be requested via an email to info@silverrosebakery.  Please include the event reservation, name(s), and date for reference.
Checks can be handed to any delivery team member wearing Silver Rose Bakery branded clothing. We encourage noting our team member's name and letting the bakery know. If checks are mailed, send to;
Silver Rose Bakery PO BOX 42371, Phoenix, AZ 85080 
Venmo, Zelle, Cash App, and Paypal are also acceptable upon request with a 3% up charge.
Note: Payment must be provided before Silver Rose Bakery completes delivery. Failure to provide payment can/will result in, no cake or desserts, additional charges, or possible small claims.

The Customer

We require the customer's contact information and event date once a contract is signed with you and incudes our services.  
Customer information is needed in order to ensure our availability.
OH NO!!!!   Failure to provide us with the customer information to our bakery can lead to our bakery being unavailable to take the order and leave the customer to find a bakery outside their package with you. Yes, this has happened!  No, we don't like doing this.
We also may need to communicate with the customer regarding cake/dessert details, change orders, changes to the date of the event, or other reasons. We do not collect customer information in order resell it.
Please provide: Customer(s) first/last name (if a couple both, then both names), date of the event, email, and phone number.

Other information

Please let us know any other information you feel would better our partnership. This can include; delivery logistics, space accommodations, or other venue/vendor efforts. As always, we are happy to refer to you vendors (event or non-event) to assist in our mutual success. Yes, we know awesome plumbers, DJ's, and more.

Mutual collaboration

We are ambitious about mentioning and referring venues and vendors that we are the only bakery in their all-inclusive package. As your partner, we will request your website URL as well as social media links that way we can place your company on our website and tag you in posts relating/requesting your services. You will be provided updates about the bakery that are needed to maintain a good partnership. This includes insurance updates, permit updates, license updates, bakery facility changes, etc.. We are happy to participate in any open houses you arrange or other's arrange with advance notice.  
*Offered for Complete All-Inclusive and Optional All-Inclusive

Our Memberships and Licenses

Silver Rose Bakery is a proud member of: Business Networking International, Executive Association of Greater Phoenix
Our licenses include:  Business establishment, Food service certificate of occupancy, food handlers, and TPT.

Packages we are familiar with:

Each venue and event service works a bit different in regards to handling vendors in a package. Below, we define 7 different types of packages. These are not our packages but rather reference terms to demonstrate what potential partnership your company and ours will share.

Complete All-Inclusive

Your package includes our bakery exclusively. Customers do not have the choice to choose to exclude our services.  Customers pay you and you pay our bakery.
*All perks included in this package.

Optional Complete All-Inclusive

Your package includes our bakery exclusively, but customers may the choice to choose a package that does not include our services, or choose to remove our services from your package. Customers may pay you or submit payment to us.
*Anniversary cake, 4 inch cake, or Thank You treat box included

Preferred All-Inclusive

Your package includes our bakery as one of several other bakeries your customer can choose from. Customers may have the choice to choose a package that does not include a bakery, choose to remove our bakery services from your package, or choose an outside bakery. Customers may pay you or submit payment to us.

Other Preferred Vendor Packages

Preferred Partner Outside of All-Inclusive

Your package does not include our bakery as you have another baker, but you do offer our services as an option, whether outside or to include in the customer's package. You may choose to be the intermediary for transactions between your customer and our bakery. You recommend our bakery to your customers and may have us on our marketing material. 

Preferred Partner

Your package does not include a bakery. You may choose to be the intermediary for transactions between your customer and our bakery. You recommend our bakery to your customers and may have us on our marketing material. 

Recommended Partner

Your package does not include a bakery. However, you are happy to hold on to our bakery marketing material to offer to your customers. All transactions with our bakery are between us and your customer. 

Commission/Kick-Back Referral

You'll push our brand on the condition you receive a commission or kick-back.  Though becoming popular method of referring, please note that our bakery charges the customer the additional commission/kick-back and references this on the invoice line item. 
We do this in order to stay transparent with our customers and not take from our already small margins as a food service vendor.

Open Houses at your space or ours

Bi-annual Cake Tasting Event

Our bakery hosts two annual Cake Tasting Events.  These events are 4 hours long and usually land on a Sunday.  The events allow customers unlimited cake samples, as well as the option to order a Pastry Flight (sample from each of our fresh baked items and pastries), and speak with one of our team members and about their upcoming event.  We also hold a vendor fair where we showcase vendors we've worked with on many occasions and who are willing to support our event.

Your Open House

Do you hold open houses to showcase your venue or services?  We would love to attend.  We bring the sweets so you don't have to!

Depending on our capacity during the week, our team may include either cake sample cups or cake pops for the open house.  Typically, we have enough team members to support up to 3 open houses on a single evening.  However, if a team member isn't available to stay, we may ask if it's okay to set up, but without a team member present.  Our setup can include a table if you are unable to provide one, as well as visual aids (faux cakes and pictures) and informational materials.  We do not collect customer information unless that is requested by the visitor speaking with us.

On a serious note.  We do need to be honest.  There are situations for which we may kindly ask a favor or for your understanding.  Such as: we would like to not be placed directly next to; a DJ, caterer, or competing bakery.  If your package includes a bakery that is not us, we may not attend your open house or may only provide informational material.  Finally, we will not attend open houses with 3 or more bakeries and/or caterers offering bakery services.


Terms of Service and Sale

The following paragraphs outline the Terms of Service that you and the customer agree to by hiring on Silver Rose Bakery.
If you (the customer) chose a package from product/service/space provider that includes a cake/desserts from Silver Rose Bakery, here are the Terms of Service. By purchasing such a package that includes Silver Rose Bakery you hereby agree fully to the Silver Rose Bakery terms of service listed on In addition, you agree to the following specifics related to packages as stated here:
All-Inclusive Packages also include; all-inclusive *hands-off, all-inclusive *hands-on, semi-all-inclusive, cake/dessert credit, discounted service from a preferred vendor list. Recommended/preferred vendor lists that are not inclusive do not qualify as all-inclusive and purchasing of cake/desserts and orders are handled between the bakery and the customer and are subject to the Terms of Service.
Silver Rose Bakery treats venue/vendor packages the same as in-house orders. In some instances, additional contract forms must be signed by the customer. In others, these terms are assumed and agreed to by the customers (should the bakery perform work) and are available for your review on this page at any time.
Silver Rose Bakery charges the venue, and/or ultimately you (the end customer) regardless of who is paying the bakery, by the final agreed total guest count. In some packages, the guest count for Silver Rose Bakery services is based on a set guest count regardless of the customer's actual/potential RSVP count. Reduction in guest count after the bakery is initial introduction will not change the amount owed to bakery which based on the initial/pre-set guest count. Modifying the services provided by the bakery is not grounds for a discount or balance reduction. Silver Rose Bakery will produce enough servings for the final total guest count and no more even if such guest count is lower the initially provided guest count and will not produce more than the initial guest count. If the customer wishes to receive more servings than included by the package, then it is up to the customer to ensure the bakery balance is paid for the additional servings at the rate quoted by the bakery, which may not be the per guest price in the all-inclusive package. 
Silver Rose Bakery pricing for venue/vendor packages is pre-negotiated and limited. Silver Rose Bakery holds the right to standardize products/services to a limited or select set with options that may or may not be included at no added cost. Any selection of premium options, any and all alternatives or enhancements to this list are at full-price and purchased directly through the bakery. Limits include; total servings by guest count, total servings by package, select cake designs, select cake flavors, select desserts, select dessert packages, select dietary accommodations, among other requests. 'Select' refers to those products/services Silver Rose Bakery has chosen to offer within the package which is subject to change. No two venues, planners, or event services hold the same package and therefore 'select' means different products/services.
*Venue refers to any property where an event will take place. This includes but isn't limited to: private residence, private clubs, banquet halls, resorts, event centers (indoor/outdoor), etc.. *Hands-off means the customer has no contact with Silver Rose Bakery. All order details are handled between the venue, planner, or event service and our bakery. *Hands-on means the customer is recommended or required to consult with the bakery in order to complete the order details and pay for any outside package products/services.
Silver Rose Bakery will charge the customer an additional fee to the customer equal to any commission required to the venue, planner, or event service. This fee may be invoiced to and/or paid for by the customer, venue, planner, or event service. The fee is considered separate and may require an separate invoice or line item. The fee must be paid in full before the order is delivered. In addition, by charging Silver Rose Bakery a commission fee, or kick-back or similar name, the venue, planner, or event service also takes full responsibility for the outcome of the order made by Silver Rose Bakery, and leaves our bakery not responsible for the order satisfaction.
Silver Rose Bakery is not responsible for pre-event or post-event clean-up or preparation of any kind.  Cake/desserts left unconsumed are the responsibility of the customer solely.  Exception to the rule is for the Silver Rose Bakery team that is on-site to serve cake/desserts, manage a dessert table, and/or cut and plate cake.  In this hired on service any Silver Rose Bakery team member is responsible for clean-up and boxing based on availability to do so and having proper cleaning materials for which the bakery does not provide, nor maintain.  Silver Rose Bakery may hire on a third party to offer these services for which it is the responsibility of the customer to coordinate clean-up responsibilities.  Silver Rose Bakery is in no way liable nor responsible for any damaged venue or customer personal property for which was out of its control.  This includes clean-up of property for which a cake/dessert has spill on.
Silver Rose Bakery is not responsible for changes to your package beyond the cake/desserts our bakery provides. The bakery is also not responsible for cake/dessert stand rentals ordered through the bakery or its partners or the venue or others. Should any changes occur, it is the responsibility of the customer to contact the bakery regarding the changes and to have secured these changes with the bakery well in advance. Date/time changes, location changes, venue changes, and cake/dessert changes are at the customer's expense, if any, and at their own risk of losing bakery services or loss of credit/deposit for bakery products/services. Silver Rose Bakery holds the right to apply additional charges either through the package or outside order, as well as, to call-in the balance in partial or full payment any date before the delivery date. As per the Terms of Service above, all charges must be paid in full before delivery is made or have bakery agreed payments terms through with the venue, planner, or event service. Silver Rose Bakery holds the right to cancel services within an package at any time and for any reason with a single advanced notification.