Cake Pops or Mini Cupcakes?

Cake Pops or Mini Cupcakes?

It’s that age-old question that everyone asks themselves at some point in their lives, should we have cake pops or mini cupcakes at our party? I know, it’s one of those deep, soul-searching, gut-wrenching decisions that if we don’t get right, we might live a lifetime of regret. 

OK – maybe I’m being a little dramatic or a lot. But come on, this really is a tough decision! We did poll our social media. While mini cupcakes took a commanding lead in the beginning, cake pops were the clear winner at the end of the day with 78% of the votes. Social media isn't the final say on...

If you still can’t decide, here are a few tips from the pros (that’s us!). For what it’s worth, we’re a house divided here at Silver Rose Bakery. Some of us refuse to pick a favorite. We just can’t do it. Some of us say cake pops. Take that for what it’s worth. Don’t worry, if all else fails, you can always order both!

Cake Pops

customized cake pops Phoenix

Can be customized 
– We can decorate cake pops to look like pandas, unicorns, honeybees, bunny rabbits, angry birds, cactuses, really an endless list of themes and fun or even classy ideas, depending on your event. Mini cupcakes, they can be matched to the color of your event.

 Can be individually wrapped – This makes them a little easier to grab and go. So, cake pops travel a bit better.



Last longer – Our cake pops are fully coated in a candy shell. This keeps the cake on the inside moist longer.


Make great gifts – We make a lot of both mini cupcakes and cake pops. But the majority of the cake pops we make are for corporate or client gifts. They’re also great for ya know, Tuesday. We have a massage therapist who, at the end of every massage she gives, asks her client which flavor they’d prefer. Who wouldn’t love that!? Great massage + cake pop. We’ve got a photographer who sends cake pops as thank you gifts to their clients. No one has complained yet. They make great gifts.

Cake pop bouquets. - That's all. I mean, look...

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Mini Cupcakes

mini cupcake dessert table


Larger visual display on a dessert table – Mini cupcakes are just really pretty! They add so much visual appeal to a dessert table. The fancy swirly icing on top can be matched to whatever your event theme colors are and make a great presentation.


 Smaller than standard cupcakes – This means fewer calories! If you’re counting that sort of thing, the average mini cupcake is about 97 calories. So, in bakery speak, that translates to, “eat more!”


Less expensive – Generally speaking, mini cupcakes are less expensive than cake pops because they can be produced in larger quantities and quicker.

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More familiar – Let’s be honest, some people are just more traditional. You’ve got your picky eaters who refuse to eat something they’ve never tasted before. You’ve got those who have tried the popular coffee chain’s cake pops and, even though we’ve been told repeatedly that there is no comparison with ours, they still just can’t get behind the cake pop idea. So, they’ll forever be a cupcake fan. That’s cool.




Cake Pops and Mini Cupcakes

cake pops or mini cupcakes Phoenix


  • Both of them can be made in any of your favorite Silver Rose Bakery flavors.
  • Although mini cupcakes look bigger, both cake pops and mini cupcakes actually use the same volume of cake batter.
  • They’re both considered “mini desserts”.
  • They’re both mouth-watering delicious.

Have you decided yet? The good news is, there's no wrong decision! Whichever one you decide to go with, you and your guests will love them! You can order either or both from our website now. 

I want mini cupcakes!

I want cake pops!