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Mini Cupcakes - 24 Count

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These mini cupcakes are perfect when you looking match the color of the frosting to the color of a cake, the party decor, or a particular theme.  Choose the color(s), select a flavor, and lets us get baking!

Personalized mini cupcakes come in sets of 24.  We use white tulip liners for our cupcake cups.  Tulip liners make an elegant look and are much easier to peel.  Our standard mini cupcake is double the design of a grocery store mini cupcake making them perfect as a small serving or taster.  Still, we recommend 2 per guest.  

Why mini and not regular size?  We believe "mini is more fun" and it comes from our bakery roots.  With minis, as we call them, there is a better chance that all the cupcakes will be consumed and each cupcake will be consumed entirely.  In addition, more of them means a fuller presentation on your dessert table.