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Silver Rose Bakery

Gluten-Free Cake Pops - 2 Count

Get 2 assorted flavors of Gluten-Free cake pops.  These cake pops are perfect when you looking match the color of the candy coating to the color of a cake, the party décor, or a particular theme.  Flavors come assorted only.

Each pop has a white stick and is individually wrapped.  We place the pop side down by default.  This means the pop ball is placed on the table with the stick end pointing up.  You can choose to have the pop side up if you prefer.  

Can we customize the pop design?  Personalized cake pops are based on color coordination.  If you are looking to have a particular design element added (ex: flower atop the pop), or unique shape (ex: animal heads), then we recommend contacting us by email or phone.

*please read the Terms of Service before purchasing*

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