Welcome to Silver Rose Bakery

Please come in!

Hello!  Thank you for scanning the big QR code on our front door.  We want you to know you're most welcome to come in.  We'll say 'hello' with a smile and ask you what brings you in today.
Oh, and come try out a free sample of something delicious we wanted to share with you and others.

Our hours are pretty straight forward.

Tuesday 8AM–5PM
Wednesday 8AM–5PM
Thursday 8AM–5PM
Friday 8AM–5PM
Saturday 8AM–5PM
Sunday 8AM–5PM
Monday Closed


Contact us

Follow us on Social Media
Contact us by phone or send us a text
Email us at
Email us at info@silverrosebakery.com
Our mailing address is
This facility has a post office box for its mailing address.  Please send mail to:
PO Box 42371, Phoenix, AZ, USA 85080

What we sell ready to-go

Cake Pops,
Cookies & Brownies,
Cake Jars,
Small Celebration Cakes
Cake/dessert table accessories

What we sell for advance order

Personalized/Custom Cakes,
Wedding Cakes,
Mini Cupcakes,
Personalized/Custom Sugar Cookies,
Personalized/Custom Cake Pops,
Personalized Cake Jars,
Personalized/Custom cake/dessert accessories

What services we provide

In-person & virtual cake/dessert consultations,
In-person & virtual cake tastings,
Cake/dessert stand rentals,
Cake cutting,
Dessert table replenishing

What is popular at the bakery

Our most popular to-go products are our cake pops and fresh baked cookies.
Our most popular advanced orders are our wedding cakes.
Our most popular dessert activity is a cake tasting kit

What we are known for

We are best known for our delicious large list of cake flavors and our assorted cake pop boxes.
For celebrations, our bakery is most well known for wedding cakes and dessert tables.

Cake tastings

We offer both dine-in cake tastings and cake tasting kits to take home.  Both include at least six cake flavors and six fillings.  Rather than preset combinations, you are encouraged to try all sorts of combinations.  We'll provide you with some guidance and recommendations.  Afterward, we recommend staying to chat with a cake decorating team member or scheduling a virtual chat.

Dessert tastings

We offer dessert tastings once a week.  These tastings are dine-in only with very limited in seat availability.  We encourage you to mark your calendar and arrive early for the tasting.  Look for announcements on our social media pages or sign up for our email newsletter.

Dietary options & tastings

We offer dietary options for cakes and mini cupcakes.  These include; Gluten-free, Egg-free, & Dairy-free.  Please note, we are certified in any dietary accommodation, and though we take measures to reduce cross-contamination, consumption is still at your own risk.
Dietary restricted cake tastings are offered once a month for one week.  These are cake tasting kits that can be consumed on-site or taken with you.    Look for announcements on our social media pages or sign up for our email newsletter.

Our history & our team

Please visit our About Us page!