Styled Shoots and Influencer Projects

Thank you for considering our bakery for your upcoming work.  We would love to take part of the project and have created this page to assist you.

Below are our requirements for using our services in your work for styled shoots, influencer projects, business exchanges of services, and other work.


We will gladly offer up to $250 in value in exchange for meeting the requirements below.  Any additional cost must be paid in full before receiving final products and services.

What we can offer:

Our bakery is happy to offer you a faux cake based on an established theme. 

We can offer desserts both with simple or complex design.

We will limit our dessert offerings to; mini/small/bite size. To cupcakes, cake pops, cake truffles, tartlets, sugar cookies, fresh baked cookies, cannolis, cheesecake bites, and dessert cups/shooters, and cream puffs.

Will consider other desserts that don't require yeast or time to rise. Ex: donuts, breads, etc.

What we cannot offer:

For cakes, we cannot duplicate a cake design or recipe already made by another bakery.

For desserts, we cannot duplicate designs or steal recipes that are not ours to use.

We will not accept more work beyond our requirements and our agreement to do the work.

You agree to and must provide proof of:

2 backlinks in a reputable website and or blog page.

We will not offer cakes to be finished by another baker, decorator, or other vendor. Our bakery has the final say to use of the product.

You agree to and must provide proof of:

2 backlinks in a reputable website and or blog page. Backlinks to 

 Tag/mentions @silverrosebakery (silverrosebaker Twitter) on any social network or social media post. I.e. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Images with or posts that do not include our cake and or dessert need not include a tag/mention.

Must have at least one post with tag/mention each major social site. See the list just referenced.

Vlogs or video uploads must include a backlink to 

Complete high resolution photo gallery and video gallery with no restrictions on use and complete rights to use by all photographers and videographers..

All products baked or designed by our bakery must not and should never by considered or referenced as coming from or produced by another entity.

Must have all of the above complete within 30 days.

If the above is not complete within 30 days our bakery has the right to pursue charges and or legal action.