Don't Forget These 3 Wedding Cake Accessories!

Don't Forget These 3 Wedding Cake Accessories!

If you’re like most couples planning a wedding, you probably have the checklist. You know the one, the ultimate wedding checklist that every bride either lives by or on at some point before her wedding, wishes she never saw. Maybe she downloaded it from Pinterest or maybe she's been working on it since she was 12.  Here's a great 12-month wedding planning checklist we love from local wedding planning expert, Jeanette Noiles, owner of I Do Details Wedding and Events. Wherever it came from, somewhere on that list is cake. That’s where we come in. The bad news? It’s more than just cake. The good news? Silver Rose is a one-stop shop and can walk you through everything you need.


Let’s Talk About Cake Accessories!

Once you’ve settled on the flavor, the design, and the size of the cake you want, you still have a few more decisions to make. Sorry, I know you thought you were done. Close, but not quite yet. We still need to decide on your cake stand, your cake topper, and your cake cutting set. Let’s get to it.


Cake Stands

If you just Google “wedding cake stands”, you’ll get 89 million results. Not kidding, 89,600,000 to be exact. Of course, you can narrow it down by price, theme, shape, and a few different filters. But let’s go over the basics so you feel a bit more equipped before we send you off into the wild searching for that perfect cake stand.

Your Wedding Cake Stand Should do the following...

  • Hold the weight of your cake – According to the wedding cake stand
    wedding cake stand
    most ceramic and glass are too weak when they’re 12 inches or larger. So, stick with wood or metal for bigger cakes.

  • Be the diameter of the board that it sits on – Don’t forget, your cake will come sitting on a cake board that’s about 2” wider than your cake. The exceptions - smash cakes and cutting cakes. The smaller cakes are typically only 6” cakes. They’ll always sit on a 10” board.

  • Have a lower center of gravity if it's multi-tier – 2-tier cakes or larger need more center support. Look for a cake stand with a low center of gravity, or a platform style, as opposed to a pole in the middle.

  • Be worth what you pay for it. – Quality cake stands reflect their price. Sure, you can pick up a $10 cake stand from Amazon. But these are usually flimsy, two-piece stands that click together and you just cross your fingers and say a little prayer to the cake gods when it comes time to sit your cake on it. Do yourself a favor and opt for a solid cake stand. Hobby Lobby has decent stands ranging from $29.99 - $49.99. If you’re feeling fancy, you could spend up to a few hundred bucks though. You do you. Just make sure you follow the basic rules!

Cake Toppers

There are endless possibilities for cake toppers. Do you want to go cute? Serious? Fun? Sentimental? While we can’t exactly help with that, we can narrow it down a little for you. Cake toppers are generally broken down into two categories – figurines and acrylic 2d toppers.

  • Figurines – You know the ones, the happy, little couple atop the wedding cake doing whatever happy, little couples do. With all the advancements in technology, these aren’t your grandparents’ wedding cake toppers. You can get them so personalized now that they can look exactly like you. We’ve all seen the silly ones of the groom running away, being grabbed by the bride. But if you can think of it these days, it can be created. You’re only limited by your imagination. We’ve seen couples fishing from the top of their cake, playing baseball, little LEGO people, and so many more unique ideas.

  • Acrylic 2d Cake Toppers – If words are more your thing, an acrylic 2d cake
    acrylic wedding cake topper
    Cakewords. We love it when couples get adventurous and add a fun topper to an otherwise serious cake.

One important tip to keep in mind, no matter the topper you choose to go with, check to see if it’s one prong or two prong stakes that goes into the cake. It’s ok if the topper itself is a bit larger than the top of the cake, but the prong(s) should fit the size of the cake you’re putting it on.


Cake Cutting Set

Bakeries typically don’t provide cutting utensils for your cake. Some couples use family heirlooms. Some couples grab the cheapest set they found while browsing the craft or kitchen aisles at Target. There’s no wrong way to do this. If you’re not sure what you want to do and you’d like to splurge a little for the special cake cutting moment at your wedding, may we recommend this fancy set (which can be personalized!) from Things Remembered? You’ll have these forever and can start the tradition in your family.

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Silver Rose Bakery Accessory Package

In true Silver Rose fashion, we don’t do things like most bakeries. Like we mentioned in the beginning, we’re a one-stop shop. If you want to check cake, and everything that goes with it, off your list in one fell swoop, we’ve created a package for you to do just that. Our Silver Rose Bakery Accessory Package is $150 and includes a wood cake stand, a custom cake topper of your choice in either acrylic or wood, and a cake cutting set. Don’t forget to ask us about it when you order your wedding cake!