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Sweet Valentine’s Day Treats That Are Way Better Than a Box of Chocolates

It’s almost here! You know what I’m talking about, that one day a year when love is in the air. It happens, Whether you Love it or Hate It. (So, we wrote a blog about it sharing our love story a couple of years ago.) Every commercial you see and hear is about buying jewelry or chocolates. “Don’t forget to shop for your sweetheart!” “Buy her diamonds!” (Alright, that one is always ok) “Take her away!” “Order her chocolate!” Or, if you're really cool - surprise each other with brand new cars! That one always makes me roll my eyes so hard they might get stuck. Of course, you can’t really go wrong with any of that, well you except the cars. Really - who does that?! But my friends, we’re here to tell you that there are better things than a box of chocolate, that she and he will both love!

You know how they say a best way to the man’s heart is through his stomach? Well, who are we to argue with that? Plus, what lady doesn’t love adorable heart-shaped or pink and red sprinkled treats? This lady does! That’s for sure!

Why Shop Silver Rose Bakery for Valentine’s Day?

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  • We’re happy to accommodate special requests. Truth is, we actually love these. Planning a Valentine’s Day proposal? Fun fact, Priscilla, Silver Rose owner and lead designer, squeals like a little girl every time we get these! Want to add your sweetheart's name to something or have another lovely idea? Just give the bakery a call!

  • We could go on and on making this list, but we’ll stop with this final reason and let it speak for itself. The final reason to choose Silver Rose Bakery for your Valentine’s Day treats… Just look…

    Sexy & Edible Treats! – Valentine's Day Cookie Set w/His & Hers Tumblers & Eye Masks

    Valentine's Day sexy and edible desserts Phoenix

    Elevate your Valentine's Day gift with this set of 6 rose and heart-shaped frosted cookies. Freshly baked personalized cookies paired with His & Hers insulated wine/tea tumblers in black and white and a pair of our unique "I love you more than cake!" red sleep masks are sure to be a hit. This thoughtful gift can be delivered to that special someone in the local Phoenix area if you order soon!!

    Get the Gift Set & Cookies! - $49.00

    Everyone’s favorite – Cake Pops!

    Valentine's Day Cake Pops delivered in Phoenix.

    Any excuse to eat cake pops, right? That’s our theory. We have been told our cake pops are addictive. We can neither confirm nor deny this. Our Valentine’s Day Cake pops come in assorted cake flavors, ready to gift in box of 12. Order fast though, these babies are the first to sell out! 

    Boxes of 12 Cake Pops - $36.00



    Chocolate Covered Gourmet Cheesecake Bites for Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day Dessert Phoenix.Valentine's Day just LEVELED UP with these 6 Chocolate Covered Gourmet Cheesecake Bites!! Our rich cheesecake bites are hand-dipped and decorated for the ultimate tasting experience. Plus, these sexy nuggets are delivered in a handsome black box with a sheer red bow to tempt even the most discerning recipient.  

    Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Bites - $24.00

    Chocolate Covered Pretzels for Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day Bakery Desserts Phoenix.

    Enjoy a Valentine's Day TREAT with these sweet / salty / crunchy combos! These tasty chocolate-covered pretzels are hand-dipped and decorated for maximum deliciousness!

    Valentine's Day Pretzels - $15

    Valentine's Day Customizable 6 Cookie Set

    Valentine's Day custom cookies Phoenix delivery.Elevate your Valentine's Day gift with this set of 6 rose and heart-shaped frosted cookies. Freshly baked & personalized your special someone! The 3 heart cookies come decorated with your choice of customizable message:
    - I Love You
    - Initials (ex: P & M)
    - Assorted Candy Heart Sayings (ex: Kiss Me, UR Hot, Be Mine, etc.)

    Custom Cookie Set - $18.00



    All Done with Valentine's Day Shopping!

    So, there ya have it. Aren’t you relieved!? You’re done with Valentine’s Day shopping now! What would you do without us? :)