Read This if You Want to Add Flowers to Your Wedding Cake!

Read This if You Want to Add Flowers to Your Wedding Cake!

We’ve all seen beautiful wedding cakes with flowers adorned from top to bottom, in intricate patterns, or just a simple flower here and there. No matter how you go about it, flowers on a wedding cake can definitely make or break the overall design. You can take the most basic cake design and add some flowers to step it up a notch and presto! – you have a gorgeous wedding cake! We love incorporating fresh flowers into our designs here at Silver Rose and know that our couples do, too. It’s a trend that never goes out of style and can be adapted to match anyone’s wedding theme, colors, and personality.


Things to Keep In Mind Before You Decide on Wedding Cake Flowers

Let’s talk about some things to keep in mind if you’re thinking about using flowers for your wedding cake design.


  • Are flowers included in the price of your cake? Depending on the bakery, some of them offer flowers, paid or included, with your cake design. Either way, you need to be the one to ask about it to clarify if it’s included in the price of your cake.
  • Can your cake designer place the flowers? Some cake designers are skilled in handling the placement of flowers on the cake, including proper cutting, food safety prep, and flower arrangement.
  • Do you have a design idea in mind? During your wedding cake consultation, your baker may want to discuss the placement of flowers on your cake. This is a big part of your wedding cake’s design, so be ready to at least make a loose decision on this design. Don’t worry, your cake designer can help.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your baker for a sketch. These guys are artists. They can do this! Sometimes this is included in the price of your cake. Sometimes it’s an extra charge. But ultimately, it’s worth it because it ensures your end result is what everyone had in mind. You can make a copy and share it with your florist. This is helpful as a reminder of the flower quantity for the cake and if the florist is placing the flowers, they’ll know the correct arrangement. Plus, you’ll have a cute little drawing of your wedding cake to keep for years after your tasty cake has been eaten.
  • Flowers can be pricy. Lastly, keep in mind that adding flowers to your wedding cake can get pricier. Whether your bakery includes them or you’re buying them from your florist, someone has to pay for those flowers and whether you use fresh or silk flowers, you get what you pay for. So, be prepared for the potential extra bump in cost.
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Specific Planning Tasks for Wedding Cake Flowers

Once you’ve given thought to all of these things and have decided that you want flowers on your wedding cake, here are a few more specific planning tasks to keep in mind to talk about with the wedding cake bakery of your choice.


  • Bakery + Florist Relationship It’s a great idea, we would venture to say, a requirement for your florist and bakery to know one another. This is generally not a stretch. Even here in Phoenix, the fifth largest city in the United States, the wedding event industry is a tight-knit community. We all network with one another regularly and love our frendors (friends + vendor) like we love cake! If the two don’t know one another, we all like to make new friends!
  • Put it in writing! Establish responsibilities via email. This may sound like a no-brainer to some (I’m looking at you type-A brides!) and it may sound overboard to others (who’s ready to elope?), but it’s going to save you a headache in the home stretch. We’ve seen this more times than we can count. Wedding planning is hard, y’all! You’re going to forget who’s doing what. Get everyone on one email and assign who’s doing what. Who’s providing the flowers? Who’s placing the flowers? Who’s picking up the cake? Who’s picking up the flowers? If you have a wedding planner or day-of coordinator, you can add them or forward the email to them, too. If your Aunt Susan is picking up the flowers from the florist and your bakery is delivering the cake to the venue, make sure everyone is on the same email. Trust us, a little over-communication can go a long way.
    • If you or your bakery are providing the flowers - Then no need to request those from the florist. Just make sure the invoice for the cake flowers is with your bakery order (not in a different email, not in a text, not in a smoke signal).
    • If your florist is providing the flowers – Then make sure a copy of your cake design is provided to your florist.

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How Does Silver Rose Work with Flowers on Wedding Cakes?

Now I bet you’re wondering what Silver Rose does when it comes to flowers and wedding cakes. Well, even if you’re not, we’re going to tell you. We get our fresh flowers from a local Phoenix florist, Four Seasons Flower Shop. We love designing wedding cakes with flowers. No two cakes are the same and they all turn out so beautiful. So, we do this often. This means we buy a lot of flowers at market price and are able to pass those savings on to you, the happy couple. Some of our cakes have flowers included in the price, some don’t. Either way, we’ll cover everything price related with you in your free wedding cake consultation.


We prefer to be the ones to cut, prep, and place the flowers on the cakes ourselves. Call us control freaks if you like. We’ll toot our own horn for a second and remind you that we’re award-winning wedding cake designers for six years and running. If we did not provide the flowers, we typically arrive after the florist leaves on your wedding day. So, we ask that your florist (or whoever has been assigned) leaves the cake flowers on the cake table. It’s important to mark those flowers as cake flowers. Otherwise, some well-meaning bridesmaid or cousin may think they belong at the end of a pew or on someone’s table. We’ll carefully cut the stems to the appropriate length, wrap them with floral tape (because flower goop is not an ingredient in any of our delicious wedding cake recipes), and place them accordingly on the cake.


We’ve designed and baked hundreds, maybe even thousands, of wedding cakes with flowers over the years. We never get tired of seeing our couples’ personalities shine through with their flower choices. We would love to bake your cake for your upcoming wedding. Reach out today if you’re ready to talk about what kind of flowers to add.