2023-2024 Wedding Cake Trends

2023-2024 Wedding Cake Trends

Can you believe we’re already talking about wedding cake trends for the 2023 – 2024 wedding cake season? If you’re recently engaged and starting your wedding planning, we’re so glad that you stumbled onto our site to learn about cake trends for the upcoming wedding season. Don’t worry though, we’re great at sticking to the trends, while also making sure your cake is a custom, one-of-a-kind piece of art that tells your love story and personality as a couple.


To be honest, some of the trends from our 2022 -2023 Wedding Cakes Trends blog haven’t changed much. Semi-naked cakes are still top of the list. Boho has transitioned into more of an earthy feel and couples are still loving introducing colors into their cakes. Aside from that, black cakes are making a splash, as well as modern and metallic cakes. Let’s dive into each of these and how you can incorporate each into your venue.


Semi-Naked Wedding Cake

I’m not sure that we’ll ever stop getting requests for semi-naked wedding cakes. You really cannot go wrong with this classic. A semi-naked cake reigns supreme because of its versatility. It’s a blank canvas that can be dressed up or dressed down. Are you getting married in a ballroom with 200+ guests? No problem. The semi-naked cake is perfect. We can bake a three, four, or even five-tier cake, with an elegant cake topper and stunning fresh or artificial florals or accessories of your choosing. Getting married in the backyard with 20 guests? The semi-naked cake is also perfect! We can make a nice one- or two-tier cake with customized accessories or florals and a cake topper that shouts YOU! The semi-naked cake really is great for any setting, rustic, ballroom, modern, chic…you name it!

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Earthy Wedding Cakes

Last year, we talked about boho cake designs that were making their appearance at weddings. This natural, woodsy, neutral-feeling cake is still popular, but it’s making more of a transition into an earthy trend for 2023-2024. Instead of the bohemian, vintage feel, think mixed textures, scattered florals, and a relaxed but romantic feeling. We’re having a lot of fun designing these cakes with our couples because no two cakes are even close to the same and we love how creative we can get with the mixed textures of multi-tier cakes. Plus, as an added bonus, the earthy cake design looks amazing in photos!

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Black Wedding Cakes

We have to admit, we have a love-hate relationship with dark hues. While this is a trending cake design and it does make for a stunning wedding cake, we always strongly suggest that if you want to include black, red, blue, and sometimes purple, you bring these colors in with an accessory like ribbons, flowers, or your cake topper. You can also use fondant as your base color. We’ve heard one too many horror stories of guests or even the wedding party, including brides’ and grooms’, mouths being turned black from a dark-colored frosting. We won’t share the words that we have for those bakers here. All of those wedding pictures! Ugh! We cringe! The good news is, we have lots of creative ways you can still hop on this fun trend, without having to explain to future generations why grandma and grandpa’s teeth were black in all their wedding photos.

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Modern Wedding Cakes

I know, what is a modern wedding cake in 2023? I’m glad you asked. We’re talking about cakes with sharp edges, gold foil (we love cakes with metallic foil!), or exotic flowers. Think about those big ballroom wedding cakes. Those are modern wedding cakes. We’ve even done a few square wedding cakes and some that were square on the bottom tier and round on the next, then square again. The smooth frosting of these cakes and minimalistic accessories gave them a chic, modern look. We also can’t go without talking about one of our favorites, gold foil wedding cakes! We get endless compliments every time we make these! Gold is a trending color everywhere right now because, hello 1990s! Add some precious, strategically placed florals and you’ve got the wedding cake of your dreams!

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Custom Wedding Cake

We say this every year when we write our wedding cakes trends blog and we’ll say it again, trends come and go. We bake cakes every day and we like to think that as an award-winning wedding cake bakery, and with over 100 5-star reviews, we’re not too bad at it. So, take our word for it when we say that the most important trend is this – make it your own! We can still incorporate any of these 2023-2024 wedding cake trends into your unique, one-of-a-kind custom wedding cake. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and schedule a consultation. We love getting to know our couples so that we can design that perfect cake for your big day!





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