Firefighter Relief Program

The Mission

Silver Rose Bakery is on a mission to support the firefighter crews taking on the forest fires this summer.  It is our aim to either purchase needed equipment and materials or to support the purchases of them.  Most equipment and materials are provided through government contracts which are handled through the Department of Forestry and Fire Management in cooperation with the Defense Logistics Agency.  This makes helping beyond our tax dollars very difficult.  Though we haven't yet found an in to supporting them or another agency, we have been in communication with the Department to see how we all can help.  This includes purchasing food, water, and hygiene products needed while each firefighter is away from home.

How to donate?

Actually, a portion of purchase will go do the fund automatically.  

Your donations

Our bakery will put those funds aside to be distributed toward purchasing needed equipment, materials, and/or food services and hygiene products.  Rest assure that we aim to disperse funds weekly if not by weekly depending on how much funding has taken place.  The more funding in a shorter time equals faster disbursement to our firefighters battling the desert and forest blazes.

Our promise

It is our intent to see this program through because as we succeed we also achieve our Why.  "To truly provide a sweet experience so those celebrating leave with cheerful memories and lasting smiles." So, imagine our firefighter crews wrapping up their work.  Giving each other high fives and returning home to hug their loved ones.  Because "whatever it is worth, it's worth celebrating."+-