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Personalized vs Customized



Personalized cakes and desserts are those which you can order online at any time.  These are colorful modern designs which you can modify particular aspects such as color, flavor, and messaging.  

Think of these products as a coloring book.  The pages already have images.  You just need to color them in.  Start your order now.

Here are some examples.

Purple Signature Design Personalize Cakerosette cake


Customized designs are those not available for online ordering.  You are probably familiar with these.  When you search online for cake ideas for your party you'll discover all sorts of designs from many different bakeries.  Each of these designs is a custom creation.  Whether the design is simple or complex still requires artistic creativity, originality, and of course, skill. 

Custom cakes and desserts tend to be pricier.  The reason has to do with several factors; consultation time, cost of ingredients, original art work, specialty elements, and total creation time. 

So why buy a custom?  Because you want an original piece of art that makes a lasting impression.  Schedule your free with our cake decorator!

schedule a call with a silver rose bakery cake decorator

Here are some examples we made:

Custom Pink Geode CakeCustom Fondant Cake

Are you thinking you want a custom design treat? If so, we would love to learn more about the design.  Our cake decorators are skilled artists at their craft and may be able to create the perfect custom cake for your celebration. 


Can you customize other desserts?

     Yes, we frequently customize iced sugar cookies, cake pops, and mini cupcakes.

How much is a custom cake?

     This is hard to say off hand.  Every custom cake and dessert is different in complexity.  For some requests the effort is no more than a few added elements to our existing designs.  While for others, our decorators may need a whole day  or several days to produce the final product.  The costs adds up.

Can you add an edible logo or image?

     Yes and no.  For edible prints of logos or brands, we require that you have permission.  That is, you acknowledge you have a right to use a company's emblem, slogan, tagline, and/or product detail.  If so, then absolutely, we'd love to add this to your cake/dessert.

     For images, like photos of family for example, this isn't as strict.  In most cases you would have permission.  If you are uncertain, then best to ask the person(s) first.

Do you do themed designs from popular shows, products, sports teams, art pieces, etc.?

     With permission.  Several times a week we receive requests to product cakes and dessert with edibles of university insignia, Disney icons, and favorite sports, just to mention a few.  These are all forms of trademark or copyright which require legal permission by the producer/originator.

What can you do instead of copyright/trademarks?

     For themes for sports teams and schools, we focus on colors and fonts available that pair well.  We are happy to let you know that we do have permission to use branded images from Grand Canyon University.

     For characters, like those from Disney, we can add toy figurines and pre-purchased merchandise for cakes/desserts.

I see other bakers print logos and such.  How come you wont?

     We hope those bakers have legal permission to use the trademarks and copyright.  For example, a picture of Sponge Bob found online is considered copyright to Nickelodeon even when referenced on a site other than Nickelodeon's. 

For legal reasons and respect to the originator we require permission.

How late can I order a custom cake/dessert?

     We require two weeks notice for most custom cakes.  If you require a cake sooner, we recommend ordering from our personalized cake collection.

Can I show you a picture of the exact cake I want?

     We love seeing inspiration pictures.  It helps us understand what you have in mind for your celebration.  There is some limitation.  We cannot replicate a design but we can take inspiration from it to create an original piece for you.

Will I be able to afford this?

     This all depends on how much you've set aside for a custom cake.  

Can you do a rush job if I pay more?

     No.  We require advanced ordering.  However, if you find yourself in this scenario, please consider ordering from our personalized products.  Here is a Collection.


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