Cake Tasting Kit Includes Discount

Get up to 20% of your final order!

Before you start your tasting

We want your positive expressions upon receiving a cake tasting kit. 
When you order a cake tasting kit from our bakery you'll receive a special card with a QR code which brought you to this webpage.  Here is the deal... We are gathering wonderful pictures and videos from folks like you in order to show how fun it is to receive a cake tasting kit at your door.  In return for your submission, we’ll give you anywhere from 5% to 20% off your final wedding cake order.  
This is a limited time request and we'll eventually discontinue the offer.  So please, before you dive into your box, think of something really juicy to snap a photo of or capture on video.  We reserve the right to choose the discount percent.  We recommend taking the best quality photo and or video possible to maximize your discount. 
Email your photos/video to 

Suggestions of what to take pictures of:

Pictures of everyone at the table.
You/You both holding up your favorite cake/frosting combination.
Picture of you holding the tasting kit or showing what is inside.
A picture of you both at a table with the tasting kit items spread out.
You both feeding each other.
You surprising her/him with the cake tasting kit.
You both pointing at the cakes and frosting.
You both writing your favorite combinations.
You or you both looking at the camera about to take a bite.
Or, some other fun memorable moment.

Suggestions of what to record video of:

You/You both/Everyone around the table with the cake tasting kit.
You/You both point at cakes/frosting to try.
You/You both trying a combination.
You both writing your favorite combinations.
You both feeding each other.
You/You both opening the cake tasting kit and taking out the items.
You both being silly with cake or frosting (G-rated, please! Ha ha)
You both telling the camera what is on your utensil.
Or, some other fun memorable action.

Terms of the promotion

Terms of the promotion are subject to change.
Must be purchasing a wedding cake from Silver Rose Bakery.  
*If you are using our bakery services through an all-inclusive package with a 3rd party venue/planner/caterer, you can receive a free cake topper from CakeWords, limited to a stock design topper (for picture) or semi-custom design topper (for video).
Discount cannot be retro-actively processed for past wedding cake, celebration cake, dessert, or tasting kit orders.
Discount code will be sent to the email address you used to submit your pictures/video.
Discount code is good for only wedding cake orders.
Discount code is limited to a one time use.
Discount code can be used when selecting the Shop Installments options on
Discount codes must be used by December 31, 2022.
Discount applies to the initial wedding cake design ordered.
You must order a cake tasting kit for delivery to you or a recipient.  
Your wedding must be in 2021 or 2022.
Offer will begin December 1, 2021.
Discounts are only possible if the date is available for booking.  It is highly recommended you contact Silver Rose Bakery before ordering your cake tasting kit, or to order the Hold The Date + Cake Tasting Kit in order to secure your wedding date.
Hold the Date + Cake Tasting Kit will receive a discount on the final balance of the wedding cake order total only.
You must submit your picture or video by February 2022.
Pictures must be high resolution or similar high quality files.  Limit 2 pictures.
Videos must be high resolution files.  Limit 1 video.
Videos must be no longer than 30 seconds.  Preferably 15 seconds.
No low quality photos or videos will be accepted for the promotion.  Our bakery will determine qualification after submission.
Limit to one cake tasting kit.
Pictures or video must be of yourself or those you purchased the cake tasting kit for in order to be accepted.  Limit one promotion or promotion combo (picture & video).  We will not accept additional submission from each individual at the tasting.  Limited to just one individual’s submission.
Pictures and or video must include the individuals involved in the cake tasting.  This includes images of faces.
Approved submissions will receive an email confirming approval along with the discount code via email.
Refused/rejected submissions will receive an email notification without a discount code.  Submissions decisions are final and will not be changed.
You agree by sending us the pictures and/or video that this content will be made public and used for marketing and promotional purposes.  Includes but not limited to; Paper marketing material, social websites,, 3rd party affiliated websites, email, SMS, messaging applications, online video platforms.  Your names will be kept confidential.  We will not offer ‘shout outs’.  You may share your picture/video on social media and tag @silverrosebakery.
Don’t forget to smile!
What if I previously purchased a cake tasting kit?  This offer begins December 1, 2021.  That means tasting kits being delivered on December 1st will be included.  
What if I purchase a second cake tasting kit since my first was before the discount?  This is at your own discretion.  We begin monitoring discounts starting December 1.  Please also note, we cannot provide a discount or reimbursement for a past tasting.
How do I apply the discount code?  If you're ordering online, the discount code is available entry box is available at check out.  Please enter and apply the code.  If your order requires a manually created invoice our team will enter the code on your behalf.
I'm using Silver Rose Bakery for both my wedding and another engagement.  Can I use code on the total for both?  The code only applies towards the wedding cake.
Can I use the code towards other desserts for my wedding?  This is only applicable when ordering via phone and an invoice is created.
How do I know if you'll be using my submission?  You'll receive an email from our bakery informing you that your submission will be used.  If used, you'll also receive the discount code.  If not accepted, we will provide our reasons for the refusal.
How long do I have to use the code?
You'll have thru December 31, 2022 to use your code.
What if I change my mind on the cake design?
The code applies to the initial design chosen.  Any additional upgrades will not include additional discount.
What if my wedding date changes to a date after December 31, 2022?
You'll have thru December 31, 2022 to pay an existing balance in order to keep the discount code.