A Sweet Experience

An interactive team building package

What is A Sweet Experience?

A Sweet Experience is an interactive small group team building package create and offered by Silver Rose Bakery.

The package includes activities challenges for categories ranging from individual challenges, partner challenges, split group challenges, and full group challenges all centered around baking, decorating desserts, and dessert incorporated games.

What sort of challenges are there?

Challenges can range from individual cookie decorating, to paired dessert discoveries, to split group game show challenges, and more. Each group package is slightly different to emphasize the goals of the social/business/organization group.

Is this for kids or adults?

Both. We primarily recommend this program for adults as it brings out the inner child baker while providing key individual and team building tactics. For children, this is a fun experience for small sports teams, boy/girl scouts, or other groups.

Where is A Sweet Experience held?

We hold it at a venue, a residence, or a business conference room. Depending on the location and appliances available we will tweak the experience to ensure all activities are performed in each of the 4 challenge categories.

We bring all the disposables, baked goods, ingredients (if baking is possible), activity material, etc.

How many attendees can A Sweet Experience accommodate?

We require a minimum of 6 attendees at no more than 12 attendees. An even number of attendees is highly encouraged as it is best to maximize the experience.

What skills are focused on During A Sweet Experience?

A Sweet Experiences focus on 4 different skills (or challenge) categories; individual challenges, partner challenges, split group challenges, and full group challenges.

Individual challenges emphasize expressing creativity, self-reliance, and working with minimal assistance and minimal materials.

Partner challenges emphasize splitting work, reliance on a partner, equal directing, and quality assurance.

Split Group challenges emphasize reliance on a small group, portioning ownership, competition against another group, and creative resourcing.

Full Group challenges emphasize complete team dynamics, highlighting skills, and agile command and control leadership among each individual working as one unit.

How long is A Sweet Experience?

Three hours from the start of A Sweet Experience until its completion. We recommend setup be started 45 minutes before the scheduled start time and about 45 minutes for clean up. We encourage the group reminds all attendees of the event and the importance of being on time so no one is left out.

How do I book A Sweet Experience?

At present we take email and phone calls to schedule A Sweet Experience package. Most packages are booked at least 1 month in advance.

When Should I book A Sweet Experience?

Availability is entirely dependent on the availability of Silver Rose Bakery and we encourage those interested to place a reservation deposit as soon as possible.

How much is A Sweet Experience?

Silver Rose Bakery is running a promotion at *$500, normally $800.

*tax not included in the price.