Cake/Dessert FAQ’s

What is the best way to share my ideas?

We love inspiration. You can text them to 623-499-2222 (include your name and wedding date) or email them to teamsweet@silverrosebakery.com

How far out should I book?

We always recommend booking as soon as you can.  We are a small kitchen and surprisingly popular. 

You may also place a non-refundable Hold on your date for $50 which will last for 30 days.  This will go towards your balance.

How far in advance can I schedule a tasting?

Whenever you like. We recommend no closer than 2 months before your date. Here’s a link to our online scheduler. Contact Me

Do you deliver?

Yes, we only deliver. Deliveries within Maricopa county are included in most packages. There is a $1 per mile charge outside of Maricopa county.

Do you setup?

Yes, we provide setup for most packages. This includes placing the cake on the cake table, desserts on the dessert buffet along with proper labels.

How do you handle coordinating with my venue?

We will contact the venue several times before and on your date.

We’ll cover timing, delivery location, placement, and other details.

How many weddings do you take per week? How far do you deliver?

This depends on the complexity/distance of all orders. Between 10 and 30 per week.

Are you currently a preferred or exclusive bakery at any venues?

Yes, we are either a preferred or exclusive bakery for about 15 venues across the valley and northern Arizona.

Would any vendors/venues recommend your services?

Absolutely! See our endorsements section on our WeddingWire page.

What flavor cakes do you offer?

Check out our Weddings page for details.

Can you create a flavor not listed?

Yes, we most certainly can, will, and love doing so!

Do you have a dessert menu?

Yes, here is a brochure. If you don’t see something you want odds are we can bake it.
NOTE: Contact Me

Do you have gluten-free options?

Yes, we do!

Do you have vegan or non-dairy, non-egg options?

Yes, we do!

My wedding date changed. What happens now?

Let us know the date. If you are already booked we will simply move your date. If you haven’t booked but are planning too, please be sure to contact us about availability.

How is the cake delivered?

We assemble on-site for all stacked/tiered cakes. This ensure stability and gives our cake decorator flexibility to ensure the cake looks perfect.

How are desserts delivered?

We deliver desserts in secure bins and then place them on the dessert buffet.

Do you offer first anniversary cake/dessert?

Yes, we do! Available for all orders over $150.

Do you offer refunds?

We offer refunds up to 48 hours after initial booking. We do not offer refunds for cake tastings.

Tasting FAQ’s

What is included in a tasting?

We'll bring our most popular flavors in cake/buttercream or mini desserts, napkins, sample pictures, and discussion points.

Where do we go to meet you?

We come to you or a place of convenience near you, such as a coffee shop.

We live quite far. What distance do you travel for a tasting?

We will travel within Maricopa county at no additional charge.

Outside of Maricopa county we charge $1 per mile depending on where we will meet. 

Are there some locations your bakery recommends to meet at?

We are happy to meet at a residence or office.

We can also meet at the coffee shop you like.

Here is a list of our most frequent spots: West Valley - Union Coffee, Central Phoenix - Kream Coffee, Scottsdale - Drip Coffee & Espresso, East Valley - Peixoto Coffee

What if we can't find a time that works?

No worries, call/sms or email us directly and we'll go about working with your schedule, even if it's early morning or late evening.

Why is there a fee?

This is cost factor since we bake fresh for you before meeting.

Do you credit the tasting fee?

Yes! We will credit the cost of the tasting when you book your cake/desserts with us. The credit is available up to 48 hours after your tasting.

How many guests can we bring to a tasting?

We prepare for 2 guests. You can bring up to 4 without additional charge. We only ask you let us know before the tasting.

How long does a tasting typically take?

Typically between 30 minutes to 1 hour. We make it a 2 hour session so there is no rush.

What flavors are brought to the tasting?

Our most popular flavors. You are also welcome to let us know a favorite you have and wish to try.

What if we need to reschedule?

No worries, there is no charge to rescheduling. Simply contact us directly as soon as you can.

What if we miss our tasting date/time?

After you schedule your tasting, you will receive a calendar placeholder. Still, sometimes life happens.  We honor a one time reschedule for this scenario.

Should we bring anything to the tasting?

Excitement, Sweet Tooth, and Smile. And, of course, any information about your reception as well as inspiration pictures.

How should we dress?

Whatever is comfortable and covers your birthday suit.

Should we eat before the tasting?

We recommend not having a full meal before your tasting. Having a snack or light meal an hour before meeting is just fine.