Wedding Cake FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions About Ordering Wedding Cakes

Your big day is upon you.  You have a million questions to ask about your wedding cake not to mention setting up a tasting.  Not to worry, we got you covered.  Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  The list may be a bit general but hey let's get over the generalities and into the fun details at our next visit.

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Questions about the cake

  1. Are there wedding cake designs I can choose from?  We offer a variety of common wedding cake designs.  You can pick and choose from them or ask us about an original design.
  2. Can I customize my wedding cake?  Absolutely.  If you have an idea of what your dream cake will look like let us know.  We'll see how to create it.
  3. If I provide a picture of the cake I want could you recreate it?  Yes.  We can recreate cakes and make any modifications you have in mind.
  4. Could I know what can of ingredients you use?  Yes.  Our basic ingredients include; unbleached flour, sugar, milk, eggs, flavoring, and baking soda/powder.  This can changed based on the complexity of the flavor chosen.  We'll be happy to provide to those details.
  5. Can I choose from buttercream frosting or fondant?  Yes.  Buttercream provides for a more textured experience.  Fondant provides for a clean smooth cover over the cake.  Of the two, buttercream tends to be more affordable.
  6. What are my flavor choices?  Discussion on flavor is typically regarding the cake, not the filling or buttercream.  We have a 10 basic cake flavors:  Vanilla Bean, Espresso Cafe, Chocolate, Coconut, Banana, Vanilla Honey Almond, Lemon, Raspberry Swirl, Cinnamon Chai, and White Chocolate Pretzel.  Of these flavors, we offer variations by request.
  7. What are my filling choices?  Every cake has a filling.  We also pair the filling to the cake in order to provide the best taste possible.  The filling that pairs with each cake flavor are: Vanilla, Espresso, Chocolate, Toasted Coconut, Raspberry Swirl, White Chocolate, Morning Chai, Lavender, and Cream Cheese.  As with the cake flavors, we offer variations by request.

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Questions about ordering

  1. Do I need a budget?  Yes.  The popular misconception about wedding cake is always price.  We are all familiar with the grocery store "expensive" cake for $30.  We assume that perhaps for a few dollars more we'll get the wedding cake of our dreams.  When we get the invoice from the local baker we are both shocked and appalled.  The truth is wedding cakes can easily cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.  Don't be shocked.  Be prepared.  Set a budget based on your total number of guests, and assume the price of each guest comparable to a dessert from an elegant restaurant.
  2. How are wedding cakes priced?  The easiest way to understand wedding cake pricing is by total number of servings adjusted to depth of design.  The more servings the higher the price.  The more decorations the higher the price.  When you receive an quote or invoice you can divide the total price by your total number of guests.  This will provide you a better understanding of how much the baker is placing on quality.
  3. Does pricing include the top tier?  Yes. All wedding cake orders include a Couple's Cake.  Traditionally the couple keeps the top tier of the cake in a freezer until their first anniversary.  The cake is usually tasted and discarded since it is past its prime.  That said, we rather you eat the top tier at the wedding and we'll provide a 6" anniversary cake for your one year anniversary as part of your order.
  4. What is usually not included in pricing? What is an extra charge?  Better to start with the standard cake.  A standard wedding cake includes a popular cake flavor and buttercream with a simple design with enough servings to feed all guests.  Additional costs are accrued as design complexity increases, non-edible decorations are added, fondant is used, and so on.  We will go over all these details with you during consultation.
  5. Do you provide additional decor?  Yes.  We can offer a wide range decor to add to the cake.  These include both edible and non-edible items.  Additional costs will apply based on the selected decor.
  6. Do you provide a cake stand?  Yes.  We have several cake stands available for rent.  We ask the stands be returned. 
  7. I only have 'X' number of guest but want a big cake, what options do I have?  As many couples know, the cake is where you show off your style.  The bigger the cake the more the stylish your wedding.  Even if you have a small wedding you can still have a huge cake (or at least a cake that appears huge).  To increase the size of the cake we use dummy tiers.  These are pieces of Styrofoam commonly used in wedding cake design.  They provide additional support for the cake and can also be covered up to appear like real cake. Also, consider supplementing a small cutting cake for the pictures, with mini cupcakes, cake pops, and other desserts to create a unique experience.
  8. Can I add flowers to the cake?  Yes.  You have several options for flowers.  We typically create flowers using buttercream frosting.  Additionally, flowers can be created out of fondant or sugar paste.  We are also able to add real flowers through one of our preferred florists. 
  9. How far in advance will the cake be prepared?  Our cakes are prepared only a couple days ahead of the event to ensure freshness.
  10. How will the cake be displayed?  Our cakes are displayed on a cake stand. Many couples purchase their cake stand ahead of time to match the theme of the wedding or we can provide a rental stand with minimal decorations to match the wedding colors.
  11. I have a dietary restriction.  Do you offer options?  Yes.  We can provide for many dietary restrictions, including; vegan, gluten free, low carb, and organic. 
  12. How much is delivery?  We have a flat fee of $20 for locations through out most parts of Maricopa County.  Deliveries outside of the county incur a $1 per mile charge.
  13. What should we know about the delivery process?  We need to know the date, time, and venue information.  We'll coordinate with you, your wedding planner, or the venue to determine the best time to deliver the cake.
  14. How far in advance can I order my cake?  As far in advance as you wish.  The furthest out most couples will order a cake is 18 months.  The majority of couples order a cake only several months in advance. It is recommended to schedule a cake tasting about 3 months before the wedding, so that the baker can start planning your design. Based on availability, we can offer expedited orders for an additional charge.
  15. How close to the wedding date can I make my order?  We advise you establish a deposit as far in advance as possible.  This ensures your are on our calendar.  However, some couples will require a cake in a very short timeline.  Again, based on availability, we can offer expedited orders for an additional charge.

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Questions about the bakery

  1. Who will make the wedding cake?  Our wedding cakes are made by our head baker Priscilla Sweet along with her team.
  2. Is the bakery licensed?  Yes.  Our bakery is licensed in the State of Arizona in Maricopa County.  Our team members hold food handler permits.
  3. How many years of baking experience do you have?  We currently have over 4 years of experience in baking for orders.  In 2016 we established Silverrose Bakery to brand our work.  Prior to accepting orders our head baker Priscilla has been baking for holidays and personal parties for over 15 years.
  4. What are the bakery's specialties?  Our unique specialties are mini-cupcake bouquets, cookie towers, and seasonal and outdoor themed custom cakes.  We excel in providing non-traditional wedding desserts options.  We are also not opposed to taking on new challenges.

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