Schedule a tasting or consultation

You've seen pictures of our cakes and desserts, read our reviews, and now feel confident to schedule some time with us.

We've made booking a tasting simple for you by offering online reservations. Book your time below!


  • What is included in a tasting?
    • Tasting: We'll bring our most popular flavors in cake/buttercream or mini desserts, napkins, inspiration pictures, and discussion points.
    • Consultation: The free consultation is exclusive time with our cake decorator to go over dessert ideas.  No tasting is provided.
  • Where do we go to meet you?
    • We come to you or a place of convenience near you, such as a coffee shop.  
  • What if we can't find a time that works for me?
    • No worries, call/sms or email us directly and we'll about working with your schedule, even if its early morning or late evening.
  • Why is the consultation free but tasting not?
    • Primarily this is cost factor since we bake fresh for you before meeting. 
  • Do you credit the tasting fee?
    • Yes! We will credit the cost of the tasting when you book your cake/desserts with us.
  • How many guests can we bring to a tasting?
    • We prepare for 2 guests.  You can bring up to 4 without additional charge.  We only ask you let us know before the tasting.
  • How long does a tasting typically take?
    • Typically between 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • What flavors are brought to the tasting?
    • Our most popular flavors and a seasonal.
  • What if we need to reschedule?
    • No worries, there is no charge to rescheduling.  Simply contact us directly as soon as you can.
  • Should we bring anything to the tasting?
    • Excitement, Sweet Tooth, and Smile.  And, of course, any information about your reception as well as inspiration pictures.
  • How should we dress?
    • Whatever is comfortable.
  • Should we eat before the tasting?
    • We recommend not having a full meal before your tasting.  Having a snack or light meal an hour before meeting is just fine.  


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