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About Michael Sweet

The last name

Sweet is his legal last name given to him by his parents.  Yup, we all thought the bakery came first. Ha ha.

History in the industry

Michael began baking in 2016 helping Priscilla with her side gig (what would become Silver Rose Bakery).  In 2017 he got a firehose lesson in baking to kick off the start of a full-time career.  A wedding that included a 3 foot tall Italian cookie tower of 7 different cookie recipes, several mini cupcake flavors, and rolling cake pops.  All in a single day.  Michael has since streamlined all recipes for taste and repetitiveness.  He continues to explore new flavors and product ideas...

Professional memberships & accolades

Michael is a Member of Business Networking International
and the National Association of Caterers & Events.  He holds a Bachelors degree from Arizona State University. 

Personal interests

Michael manages two fun social groups.  One for chicken wings and the other for cigars.  He is also interested in whiskey, hiking, sports, philosophy, and education.  He is married to Priscilla Sweet and they have 3 cats and 1 dog.

Introduce Michael to..


His best customer is a business owner or executive of a medium or large company specifically looking for edible image promotional treats or appreciation gifts.

Production & Sales & Employees

  • He is currently seeking sales team members or promotional distributors.
  • Merchandise contact at an ecommerce site selling edible products.
  • Merchandise contacts at wholesalers Sam's Club & Costco and local grocers
  • Merchandise contact at convenient store chain QuikTrip
  • Business advisor or sales agent specifically qualified to introduce edible products into large chains and wholesalers.
  • Business advisor specifically qualified for regional or national expansion.
  • For hire, individuals who are currently seeking full-time work.  Must have their own transportation.  Must show active engagement and don't wait for orders.

Best referral partners

Promotional & Merchandise Distributor
Merchandise strategists
Marketing strategists

Favorite products for B2B & B2C

Favorite products for celebrations

Have a question for Michael?  Fill out the form below and he'll get back to you.  If you need him right away, call 623-499-2222.
*Please no sales calls for products/service without prior request directly from Michael Sweet