Dessert Catering Services

Silverrose Bakery provides catering

We are excited to offer full dessert catering services throughout valley.  Your experience is important to us.  We take great pride in matching your event theme to the sweetest desserts, based on your budget.  

What is dessert catering?

Your event may already have a food catering service which provides appetizers and a meal but not desserts.  This may be by your design or simply the caterer doesn't offer it.  Either way, a dessert catering service is one that specializes in providing sweet treats for events.  

These services can range from ordering a small themed cake for a birthday, to a wedding dessert table with cake and sweets, to a large buffet of treats complete with a server.  You decide what your needs and budget are and the caterer will put together options.

Is dessert catering right for your event?

Firstly, catering doesn't necessarily mean a banquet hall of desserts. You could be ordering a custom cake or several dozen mini cupcakes.  If your are partial towards a professional dessert bakery it is mostly likely due to the following reasons;  local business, freshness and quality, reputation, and delivery.  Plus it makes an impression upon your guests. 

Most caterers are local small businesses.  These business owners pride themselves in putting both feet first to provide customers exceptional service.  With such precision also comes cost.  Caterers tend to have prices higher than the local grocery store.  Some exclusively provide service to exclusive affairs.

Hiring a dessert caterer guarantees the food freshness and quality.  Be prepared to have a delicious sweet experience like none other.  You are receiving the best flavors and honestly cost is quality.  The reason being, higher cost the harder to book caterer.

It is about reputation.  You can imagine how difficult it is to hire Duff Goldman of Charmed City Cakes both on cost and availability.  Still, even those bakers who aren't TV celebrities have a reputation they hold dearly.  With good reviews comes more awareness.   Bakeries that care about their products and services always earn top marks from customers and unsurprisingly can be difficult to schedule and expensive to boot.

The most pronounced difference is that most, if not all, bakeries who cater are delivery based.  That means they deliver your order to you.  This is important because the caterer is holding themselves responsible for delivery.  They are experienced in 'shipping and handling' of desserts so to speak. 

What do you need as far as dessert catering?

Your dessert catering is entirely dependent on your needs and budget regardless if you need to feed some kiddos at your child's birthday party, need a full service dessert caterer or a two tier wedding cake.

Here are some questions to consider when assessing your catering needs:

  1. What is my budget?
  2. Does this event require a cake or buffet?
  3. How many dessert varieties do I want?
  4. Do I need to include other opinions?
  5. Is there a timeline I must meet?
  6. Will my date be available?
  7. Can the caterer provide for ______?
  8. What is my estimated total guest count?
  9. Can they provide utensils, plates, napkins?

How to contact the Silverrose Bakery to get information

If you want to get started in discussing your needs you can reach us at 623-499-2222  or submit an inquiry online.

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