Corporate Events

Dessert catering is our history

We love sweetening the day for company's here in the Valley of the Sun.  Did you know our foundations lay in dessert catering?  We are accustomed to making what we call Sweet Experiences for small office parties of 10 staff members to company holiday parties of 3,000.  So what should you consider when ordering?

Coming soon...

First, a touch on what is to come.  We are working hard to introduce online ordering for dessert catering.  This will make ordering in advance super easy for you regardless of the size of your event.  Until then, we are sticking to our roots and asking for you to contact us through the form below or giving us a call. 623-499-2222

Below are special occasions and events we would love to bake for you.  Some are private from you to a client, team member or a whole team while others are for celebrating publicly among the company.  Each of these will be available for online ordering, but until then feel free to contact us for a quote.

A gift for...

A team member

Does your team member deserve something sweet?  Perhaps, it is a milestone anniversary or simply a kind gesture of appreciation.  

Consider a cake pop bouquet with a special message from you.  

Cake pop bouquet - employee appreciation gift - Silver Rose Bakery

A client

Client retention is what makes recurring revenue possible.  A gift from you in appreciation can mean wonders.  Send them a gift because they made their first purchase.  Perhaps they sent you a referral or made you a connection that ended up landing you several orders.

Consider logo cookies with your brand on the box, cookies, and a special message from you.

Logo cookies - branded client appreciation gift - Silver Rose Bakery

Client appreciation gift - mini cookies with message - Silver Rose Bakery

Your team

When it comes to a surprise for the team you want something fun, easy to consume, and perhaps wrapped for later consumption.  Cake pops and fresh baked cookies are the easy choice.  All pops and cookies come individually wrapped making it easy for staff to keep their hands clean and stress free for leaving on their desk.

Team appreciation treats - individually wrapped cake pops - Silver Rose Bakery

Team appreciation treats - individually wrapped cookies - Silver Rose Bakery

Celebrating a staff member


Celebrating the department

Celebrating the team

Celebrating the department

Celebrating with the whole Arizona region

Celebrating the whole company