How to plan your wedding: Step 7 of 7

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“It’s final countdown!” darn Geico commercial has got that Europe song stuck in our heads.  No microwaves involved in this final step in wedding planning.

Of all the steps in the planning you’ve done so far this one is the most emotionally challenging.  If you have not started or have only recently got started on your wedding plans and are reading this article, this may be offer you one more topic to add.  It comes in the form of project management.  

In the first few articles we touched on how we used vendors and friends to manage our wedding on our behalf.  We knew ahead of the big day that doing any actual work on our big day was pointless.  Also, worrying about the schedule of events, the timing, getting the candles lit, or what have you will be to much to bear.

So we establish this a pact early on.  We were going to have the best day ever.  We were going to live in the moment. We were going to love each other as much as possible and show off how happy we both are.

The no worries best day ever approach have a beautiful wedding.

The final step in wedding planning.  This is it.  The big one.  The… Okay we’ll stop with the dramatic.  

Here’s the deal.  You will be anxious.  You will be nervous.  You will be excited.  You will be completely out of your element.  So why worry about the schedule of events and candles being lit on the patio?  

Don’t worry about:

  • Is he getting ready?  Don’t worry about it.
  • Is the DJ set to go?  Don’t worry about it.
  • Has the caterer started prepping the meal?  Don’t worry about it.
  • Does the dress conflict with the backdrop.  Definitely, don’t worry about it.
  • Here are the three steps you’ll need to make this successful.  

Step one; tell your team to boost your confidence.

Before you all get rocking and rolling.  Tell your team.  Whether it’s a single person or twenty bridesmaids/groomsmen.  

  • Tell them to boost your confidence.
  • To speak positively.
  • To ignore minor details.
  • To handle anything without you knowing.
  • Remind them that they are your team and how thankful you are to have them there with you.

Step two; Affirmation towards happiness

Boost your confidence.  Tell yourself how excited you are.  Look in the mirror, smile, and state how great it is to be to finally commit to forever being with your true love.  Visualize the moments before they happen.  Indulge in how beautiful the setting will be.  

Step three; Text messaging

This actually comes from a common wedding practice.  We just to remind you of how important it is.  Send your spouse-to-be message of confirmation, happiness, and most above all the love you both share.  It doesn’t matter if it seems silly.  In the back of your mind and theirs it actually is quite impactful.  Shoot for at least three messages each and read them all.

Step four: It’s happening

Your dressed and ready to go.  You are walking towards the isle.  One last reminder to yourself.  Don’t worry about the little things. Don’t worry.  Tell yourself continuously “I love what is happening. This is so much fun.  I am so happy.”  

Wow, that will be tough.  No, stop!  Get that out of your head.  This is going to be freaking awesome!  This will rad, cool, or whatever sweet slang you can come up with.

The point is you’ve both completed so much work.  The effort was done successfully.  Now you get to enjoy the day.  Do so.  Just enjoy the day.  Let others do the work to make it beautiful for you both.  Live the moment.  You’ve earned it.

We know you’ll have the most beautiful day ever.  It isn’t some hogwash mystical prescription.  No it’s true.  A wedding is about happiness and love.  The prescription the wedding doctor gave you both was cheer.  Lookup to the sky.  Close your eyes.  Smile.  Onward.

Thank you!

And sweetest regards,  Priscilla and Michael Sweet

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