How to plan your wedding: Step 6 of 7

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T. Minus 24 hours and counting down.  You both are less than a day away from becoming officially married.  This is quite literally the last activity based step in your wedding planning.  Yes, this is it.  The day before assessment.

Again, this is a bit of a shorter article.  We are going to emphasize the importance of one last scan through your wedding plan.  Before we begin.  Here are some rules.

Rule 1: You cannot add more wants

That’s it.  No more wants.  No, the pretty in pink pigs in pink tutus are were never on the list of needs.  

Rule 2: You cannot point fingers

It wasn’t his or her fault for x, y, or z not being included.  It was a decision or indecision you both established.  A decision to not pursue this item or an indecision as it was not truly important.

Rule 3: You both must place yourselves in reality

You are less than a day away from your wedding.  No, you cannot add a, b, c, and even d.  Instead ask yourselves how you can enhance what is already part of the package your created.

The day before assessment process

Now that we covered the rules let’s go over how this assessment works.  Honestly, it is quite simple so don’t fret.  

When you only have less than a day before your wedding you both must be queued in on what exactly was accomplished.  A full circle inspection of all the topics.  Rather than going over each and every topic in detail you will instead breeze through them.

How to objectively examine your wedding plans

We are both hugely objective in our work.  We know that feelings are important but those must be based on objective truths.  When you objectively analyze your wedding plans you are not entirely removing emotions.  Rather, you are basing any emotions on actuality.  Empirical evidence reigns supreme.  Is A, A?  

Your day before assessment should be done as follows:

  1. Establish that any large item not yet complete will stay incomplete.
  2. Understand that your goal is not to nitpick minor details but rather to ensure all topics were covered.
  3. Understand you both must agree that all topics that were covered are now closed, done.  You have to agree.
  4. Start from the most recent item and work backwards.  Did you complete the topic and listed tasks.  This does not mean thoroughly examine all tasks.  Rather only examine the list and only if absolutely necessary look deeper.
  5. Your goal is to complete the day before assessment within 15 minutes.
  6. Once you are complete ask each “how do you feel?”  You must be confident that what was completed is now finished.  What was not attended to must not be interfere with your feelings.  Unless you forgot to book the venue you should not worry about minor details. Objectivity.  These were done, yes or no?
  7. Agreement.  Gut check.   You must state that your wedding is ready to go. A verbal agreement that you both are pivoting your attention to conducting the ceremony.

Seven steps in wedding planning.  The final step is quite literally the most mentally challenging.  Still, this sixth step was a reassurance that you both come a very long way in planning for the big day.  

The sixth step was entirely a step of objectivity.  The reason we emphasize objectivity is because forces reality to become apparent and asks you to use your reasoning to make a judgement call.  Yes, your emotions will get involved but they should be based on here and now and not what could have been.

Sorry, this a bit of harsh article.  However, we know from experience at our own wedding and from aiding other couples.  This step is crucial to even remotely completing the final step in your wedding plan.  The no worries, best day ever....

Onward folks!

Sweetest regards,

From the the Sweets, Priscilla and Michael Sweet


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