How to plan your wedding: Step 5 of 7

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One topic down and several more to go.  You’ve just completed the final inspection of the vendors catering.  Let’s see, you both qualified about a dozen vendors, received numerous quotes, put your heads together, and chose your final list of vendors.  

You’ll find these last few articles may be a bit shorter.  Thank goodness they are!  The reason is you’ve both come very far in your journey.  The heaviest stretches, where the world spins and time isn’t friendly, have past.  You both are much more calm.  For good reason, you have completed a boat load of work.  Now it’s time to validate.  

In this article we are touching on the second type of review mentioned in the previous article.  Your wedding must be perfect.  Hence the reason for three types of reviews.  The first review we covered had to do with tasks you both were tackling at the moment.  For example, if you were both visiting crafts stores and doing some hot glue work at home.  Essentially, smaller projects encompassed by a much larger topic.

The final inspection

The second type of review is the ‘final inspection’.  Your chance to validate the effort done on all tasks within the topic.  Your goal shouldn’t be to find excuses to add more things to do but rather to agree what has been done completes the total effort needed for the topic.

We’ll touch on a simple workflow to inspect and validate a topic.  One which should limit nitpicking and amplify satisfaction.  

The three aspects of the final inspection

  • First: The checklist review
  • Second: Marking all dependents and reviewing question marks
  • Third:  Agreement, the topic is done

The checklist review

When you were in planning mode you both broke down the tasks needed to complete the topic.  In some instances the topic had only one task while others included dozens of tasks ranging in complexity.

A checklist review benefits all sizes of topics.  It’s workflow is simple, easy, and takes only the next couple sentences to explain.  Start by validating all tasks listed were covered.  Next touch on each task.  Discuss whether all necessary effort of the task has been completed to your liking.  Agree the task is done and move on to the next.  That’s it.  You should expect to spend no more than a couple of minutes on each task.  Think about it.  You just said that is the last time you'll ever do anything for that task for your wedding.  

Marking all dependents and reviewing question marks

A good practice while completing your checklist review is to highlight (literally) dependent tasks and question marks surrounding a topic.  Your goal is to visually reference potential snags in your effort.  

The dependents again are those tasks which honestly are a part of another topic you haven’t covered yet.  You know you’ll need to complete the work and most likely you’ll do so when the associated topic is covered.  Your goal right now is to highlight the existence of the work so it does not go forgotten.  It will also help to reduce the time needed to come up with the appropriate tasks of the topic.  

Question marks are a different case.  Think of them as bumps in a road.  You have to answer the question but do not have the means of doing so at the moment.  Question marks appear when; you need to consider options, do not understand the issue, or need to determine if a tasks is worth including.

In a final inspection, question marks need to be addressed or excused.  In many cases, the question mark is addressed and just requires notation.  In other cases, it is up to you to decide whether to bother with the question or scratch it out.  Either way, one choice must be made.  If you decide the question mark includes a task that must be completed, then you should do so and mark it done once it is finished.  Don’t let it linger!

Agreement, the topic is done

This is it.  The final piece of the block.  Once you both have gone through the checklist review and assessed the dependents and question marks you’ll want to make a final decision on the topic.  Is it done to your satisfaction?  Yes or No.  If not, consider the remaining effort needed and complete the details.  If so, hug each other and mark the topic DONE.

Like we said, this is a short article.  A final inspection shouldn’t take a lot of effort.  You’ve already done the ‘work’ so to speak.  Why spend a lot of time noodling the unknown?

In the next article we’ll be touching on the absolute final review step, the day before assessment.  An total final review that is desperately important towards the very last step in wedding planning.

Onward folks!

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